Journey to Sleepville – we arrive at last!

Happy New Year!

It’s 2012 and the twins are 4.5 years old now.

And one of our biggest parental nightmares seems to have been overcome!

The twins are now sleeping well at night!

This has been a long time coming and God only knows how we’ve survived this long with chronic extreme sleep deprivation, but it is indeed sweet relief to get the sleep sitch in hand.

Zanna still sleeps like a little rock, and Halle wakes a couple of times a night to use the potty, but then she goes quietly back to sleep afterwards.

Our last hurdle was getting them to bed on time in the first place.

We tried the Sleep Fairy system to mixed results, the tips outlined in “1-2-3 Magic!” by Dr. Thomas Phelan, Elizabeth Pantley’s book “No-Cry Sleep Solution”, but parental perseverance on our part and the Giant Lizard Mama is what finally brought it all together!

Here’s what we do:

Bedtime is announced, teeth are brushed, flossed and gargled, PJ’s are put on, the bedtime stories are selected, everyone’s diaper/panty sitch is sorted out (still trying to get Zanna to bm in the potty instead of diaper), and then Daddy does his stuff.

He reads to them, leads nightly prayers, administers the dixie cuppie of water, activates the StarBug, turns off the lights and then skedaddles as I take over.

I sing the “Moon Song”, say a prayer for sweet dreams, give a final hug and kiss goodnight to each girl, make sure the temperature of the room is ok, and Exit Mama, Stage Left!

We lock their door, because the first thing they do is try to open it to escape.

Then they get down to the bottom of the door where there is a gap and call to us.  I warn them to get back in bed or StarBug will have a timeout.

(Don’t worry, they still have an active nightlight on their alarm clock – I got one of those traffic light clocks for the girls, red light means sleep time and green light means they can leave the room)

This’ll quiet them down for a few minutes, then they’re at it again.  So we turn off StarBug for one minute.  Sometimes this is enough and they’ll get to sleep.

Other times, we need to call the Giant Lizard Mama for help.

If the girls still refuse to get to bed, we let them know that the Giant Lizard Mama will come – this is basically me making Godzilla noises.  The girls know it’s me – we play this during the daytime with me chasing them as they run around, but it seems to work pretty good at bedtime – they run back to bed and get to sleep pretty quickly.

Then my husband and I have all this extra time to pay bills and do housework and try to get some control over our financial situation!  What fun!

Here are a couple of my previous posts about our journey to Sleepville:

May all your nights be peaceful ones!

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