A Sunset of Flavor – Red Rose Tea Review & Giveaway! – ENDED

One of the harder things, as a mother of multiples, is to find a moment to myself when I’m not fraught with jangling nerves from listening to the cacophony of shrieks and crashes in stereo.

Extricating myself from the maelstrom of motherhood isn’t easy, so I’ve got to take my “me” moments when I can.

One of my favorite “mini vay-cay” things to do is to hide from my lovely, sweet girls and enjoy a “cuppa” (that’s British for ‘cup of tea’) and read the latest issue of Tea Time magazine.

So I was very happy to be asked to review Red Rose Tea’s newest flavor: Sunset Spice.

A premium blend of black tea, natural orange flavor and a touch of cinnamon and cardamom.

After opening the box, the first thing I noticed was the scent of of the spices – this is definitely something I was looking forward to drinking!  It smelled so yummy, like a spice cookie!

So I got the water hotted up, and poured it in, letting it brew 5 mins. (directions say 3-5 mins)

After adding a little milk and honey, I took a sip.  Ohhhh….nice!  It was pretty smooth, and unlike other teas, after the first burst of flavor, it didn’t fade.  The aftertaste was like color after color coming in to play, like a beautiful sunset!

The cardamom, then the cinnamon, then finally the orange, lingering like the final melange of hue before nightfall, leaving you with a pleasant memory, and the desire to do it all over again!

Red Rose Tea knows their business – they’ve been making fine teas since 1890.

Enjoy the Soothing Essence of Red Rose Sunset Spice Tea

Relax after a long day with the warming flavors and comforting aroma of Red Rose Sunset Spice.  Customary to all Red Rose teas, Sunset Spice is blended with leaves from some of the finest tea estates.  Layers of orange notes, cinnamon and a touch of cardamom give this bright, bold Ceylon tea its signature taste and aroma.  With the delicate balance of spices and essence of citrus, Sunset Spice is truly the perfect blend to end your day.

Also…according to Tea Time magazine, January is National Hot Tea Month!!

And to make things even sweeter, Red Rose Tea has offered a giveaway to the readers of Twice Blessed Life!

A fantastic Tea Lover’s Gift Pack!

.         40 count box of Red Rose Tea Irish Breakfast
.         40 count box of Red Rose Tea Sunset Spice
.         100 count box of Red Rose Tea Original Black Tea Flavor
.         Red Rose Tea to-go travel mug
.         A Wade Collectible Figurine (it may differ than the one in the picture)

It’s easy to enter with our new Rafflecopter form below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And while you’re waiting to see if you’ve won, try out Red Rose Tea’s free ecard!  Send someone special (even yourself!) a lovely and thoughtful enote!

*Disclaimer: I received a box of Red Rose Tea’s Sunset Spice tea for review purposes only.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced, compensated or paid for.  Red Rose Tea has also offered a giveaway prize of a gift pack, not contingent upon the outcome of this review.

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63 thoughts on “A Sunset of Flavor – Red Rose Tea Review & Giveaway! – ENDED

  1. I love tea. It is so calming. My favorite is Chai. I like to have my local coffee place make me an Orange Dulce Chai by starting with Orange Dulce tea and then mixing in non-fat Chai. The orange mixing with the Chai is just Yummy!

  2. I love tea and which tea I drink is determined by my mood. If I am not feeling well I usual drink herb tea. My favorite is a good black tea with sugar. I subscribe to your RSS with my Google Reader account > astroqueen67@gmail.com. My name on Google + is Holly Swint.

  3. I’m definitely a tea-lover and love almost all kinds of tea. Right now I’m loving the Tulsi Sweet Rose tea by Organic India.

  4. I enjoy tea so much. Daily, I drink 4-5 cups a day. It’s one of my delights that I look forward to each day.
    Thanks so much.

  5. As you can see, I love tea so much I named my blog, Mary’s Cup of Tea! I am trying to taste as many different teas as I can as I go around the world. I have found some very interesting teas. I love a lavender based one that I discovered recently and I have some coconut teas coming soon to review. Wold love to try these also!

  6. I love coffee, but I love tea even more! My fiance is always saying that I should move to England. Living in the south, everyone here drinks theirs cold and sweet, and while I love it like that as well, there’s nothing like a mug of steaming hot tea.

  7. I love tea! Grew up drinking it with my family, now I share my secret tea recipe with my own family 🙂 Iced tea is also my favorite cold drink. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. I live in the south where sweet tea is almost a staple of life. I also love a cup of hot tea with a little bit of honey and lemon. No matter how hard of a day it has been when I sit down to a hot cup of tea, all of the tensions and worries just seem to melt away.

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