The Owwie Song

On the plus side, Halle has composed a song my honor titled “The Owwie Song”.  It’s about how she wishes mommy’s owwie arm would stop hurting.

It goes like this:

“Owwie go away, owwie go away, don’t come back any more, mommy’s arm feel better, owwie go away.”

She sang it three times to me today.

Zanna who recentry has decided cuddling is not her favorite pastime, very sweetly cuddled up to my good side and gave me kisses, as I moaned in pain on the sofa today.

Even my husband is typing this for me.

On the other hand, my neck and spine are a bit messed up and I can barely use my right arm because it hurts so darn much.

Sooo… I’m taking a break from the blog for about a week until this gets better (hopefully) in hopes that I can avoid surgery.

In the meantime, please check my giveaway page, where there are contests for $100 giftcard and a Kindle Fire e-reader and other fun stuff.

I’ll check my e-mail occasionally though.



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8 thoughts on “The Owwie Song

  1. Hi Lara. I’m a new follower as well, and I do hope you feel better soon. What happened if you don’t mind me asking. I have a set of twins also, though mine are older (11).

    1. Hi Stacie!

      Thank you for the well wishes! My doctor says it’s a herniated disc in my neck that is also pinching a nerve that led down to my arm, and then my shoulder swelled up in reaction, as well as bolts of excruciating pain down my arm (my dominant arm – just my luck!) So we’re trying to reduce the inflamation, re-position the disc, and then a few months of physical therapy and hopefully I’ll be good as new.

      The doc says it could have been a combination of things – picking the kids up, my posture at my computer desk, and I also think my pillow – or lack thereof may have had something to do with it. We’d been nighttime potty training the twins at the time, and after several flooded beds in one night, we ran out of pillows for them, so we gave them our pillows, and I used a rolled up blanket instead, and the next morning my neck was sore. But then it was two days before Christmas so I just toughed it out hoping it would ease, but two weeks later it was so much worse!

      Another cautionary tale of why mommy needs to take just as good care of herself as she does the rest of the family! If I had gone to the doc right away, it wouldn’t have gotten so bad.

      Ok, gotta stop typing now and rest the arm – only thing that makes it pain free is lying flat on my back, which is kinda hard to find time for when you’ve got twin 4yr olds to take care of 🙂

      Happy Groundhogs day! and thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

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