Baa, Baa, Messy Sheep, Have you any trash?

Baa, Baa, Messy Sheep, Have you any trash?

Yes sir! Yes sir! 12 bags full…and more!

While I’ve been on hiatus from the herniated disc in my neck, I’ve had ample time for other fun pursuits, namely – early spring cleaning!

To put it mildly – I am not the world’s most organized mama.  And my husband is a very organized person.  You would think that this would be great for me – I make a mess and he puts it right.  But that would depend on your definition of “right”.

In the ongoing tidying wars (for all 16 years we’ve been married), he’ll put something away – usually in a place I’d need FTA drug-sniffer dogs to suss it out – and I create a hellacious mess trying to retrieve the item, when next I need it.

This has resulted in towering piles of crap.  Everywhere.

So while I’ve been on medical leave, I gave him an ultimatum:

I’m in pain and I’m darn cranky – you HAVE to do what I say or I’ll make you miserable.

He caved.

So there I was, ensconced in a comfy chair, a comfy cusion propping up my poor sore neck, directing him in the proper way of housecleaning, and feeling every inch a queen. (apologies to Shakespeare for the paraphrasing)

And every time he balked at putting something in what HE thought was a darned odd place for it, I’d dramatically groan in pain and clutch at my poor sore neck and arm, while glaring menacingly at him.

He caved.

At the end of the first weekend, we’d accumulated 12 large grocery sacks of trash, 1 large trash bag of shredding scraps, and 3 sacks of donation goods.

What’s more, things are FINALLY put away in places I have some hope of retrieving them from!

After all, we can’t keep insisting on the twins picking up after themselves, if mama and daddy visibly demonstrate the wonders of slovenliness and sloth!

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