Guest Post by a hermit crab – “My Nightmare Weekend”


I am a hermit crab.  I usually live in a nice comfy tank in Ms. K’s Pre-K class.  She keeps me safe.  There are good things to eat there, and when the less-big creatures put their paws in my tank, Ms. K. (the more-big creature) makes sure they are gentle with me.

Unfortunately, this happy situation does not last.  Every weekend, I am put into a smaller, less comfy tank and taken to one of the less-big creatures’ homes.  It is not my usual comfort zone, but I get by.

Until I was taken home by TWO of the less-big creatures.  One was the Z, who I see sometimes in class, and one was her hatch-mate (I think you humans call them ‘twins’), the H.

There was also the more-big creature who spawned them: The Mama. They were all very loud creatures. I began to be afraid. Very afraid.

The Z and the H would tap on my small tank. I tried to crawl into my shell as much as I could. Thankfully, The Mama did not let her spawn reach in and grab me. Sometimes they would spray my tank with my mist thingy. Ahhhhh, I like that!  When the less-small creatures tried to shake my tank, the Mama put me up in a very high place that the Z and the H could not reach. I think I like the Mama person.

I had one more day to go when disaster struck. The H and the Z were squabbling over my tank, when one of them whacked it.

Me and my tank flew thru the air, my gravel scattered all over the place, and so did my food and water. I landed with a crash, but thankfully my shell did not crack.

It was very quiet after that.  The Mama scooped me and my tank contents back into place, but my food was all gone.  I was shaking and terrified.  I need a therapist.  I think I have PTSD now.

The Mama put popcorn in my food bowl.  I am allowed to eat that sometimes as a treat.  She gave me ALOT of popcorn.  I ate it all and felt a little better.  Then she gave me some more.  It would take a mountain of popcorn to get me over what happened, though.

Then, The Mama put me in a room she called The Kitchen, where her spawn could not get me.  The next day I was returned to Ms. K’s class, and my large comfy tank.  I told the other hermit crabs about my nightmare existence this weekend.  They told me that it was now over with, and I would not be given again into the keeping of the Z and her hatch-mate, the H.

Thank God for small mercies!

But I still want a therapist!


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