Alexia Waffle-Cut Sweet Potato Fries Review

Alexia Waffle-Cut Sweet Potato Fries

This was the third Alexia sweet potato product that I tried for the purpose of tempting my twin 4yr old girls to try eating regular veggies.

First we tried the puffs, but somehow those didn’t suit the girls (though I liked them fine)., then we tried the traditionally-shaped fries, but whether we used ketchup or a sprinkle of brown sugar made no difference.  After a few nibbles, they were left abandoned on the plate. (All the more for me!)

So we tried the waffle fries.  Surely, I thought (with just a hint of desperate maternal whining in my mental voice) my kids would be entranced by the interesting shape and happily stuff these down their little gullets.

Indeed, as they laid eyes on the waffle fries, their little eyes got big and round and with clutching fingers already grasping at the air, they reached for the plate with all the fervor of a vulture about to dive into a nice not-fresh pile of carrion.

With happy squeaks of joy, they each rammed a fistful into their mouths and began to chew.  Then came the looks of consternation, then came the spitting out of the half-chewed masses which were deposited back upon the plates without further ceremony.

They actually started wiping their tongues on their shirts.

As usual, it fell to mama (me) to un-wastefully dispose of the uneaten (though not the partially eaten ones) waffle fries.

Then I knew what the problem was:  While just fine and dandy for an adult’s seasoned palate (pun not intended), it was much too spicy for the innocent and unjaded mouths of babes.  Indeed, it came out of the mouths of babes.  Or 4 yr-olds in this case.

I liked it just fine, as did my husband, who drinks nearly boiling coffee on a regular basis and wouldn’t know a spice unless it was of the strength to require the mandated presence of a regulation fire-extinguisher (he finished the entire rest of the bag himself and enjoyed it greatly!).

But definitely much too spicy for the little ones.

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