Japanese Yummy Chicken Recipe – “Oyakodon” or “Family Bowl”

Yep, the herniated disc in my neck popped out again – and got the nerve to my arm along with it.  While I recover – again! – my posts are going to be a bit shorter, or perhaps even sponsored content – don’t worry I’ll have those marked 🙂  I may even dig up a post or two from my rainy-day stash!

In the meantime – here’s something that I recently posted on Circle of Moms:


Q. What’s your family’s favorite recipe for chicken or tofu?

A. My husband is Japanese, so we’re trying to introduce the girls to that cuisine as well. Their favorite chicken dish is called

“Oyakodon” or “Family Bowl”.

Eggs – 1 per person
1/8 cup thawed frozen peas per person
1 cup cooked rice per person
1/4 sauteed onions per person
1 tbsp soysauce per person
1 tsp brown sugar/mirin per person
1 palm-sized portion of cooked chicken chunks per person

For each individual bowl:
Basically, you put cooked rice into a bowl,
Cook chicken chunks – whether breast or thighs, up to you – and put on top of rice.
Saute onions and put on top of chicken
Lightly beat raw eggs and add a little soy sauce and either mirin (japanese sweet cooking wine) or brown sugar – and then cook them with only a little stirring (traditionally, the eggs are left a little underdone, but cook them as much as you like) they should taste a bit sweet/salty to taste so add more soy sauce or mirin/sugar as you like.
Then put the eggs on top in the bowls,
Then sprinkle the peas on top.

Serve and enjoy!
By Lara

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