Easter Merriment!

Happy Easter, everyone!

The night before, we did a bit of egg dying, which turned out pretty well!  The girls were able to dip the eggs in the dye, and after a quick rinse they festooned the ovoids with pretty stickers.

And in a rare happenstance, the twins went to bed quickly and quietly – lest the Easter Bunny decide they were naughty and pass us by – I wish every night was the night before Easter!

This morning, after acquiring the necessary Bubbe (Yiddish for “Grandma”) component, the girls were duly presented with their baskets (re-used from last year) and filled with faux grass, coloring books, dyed eggs, a SMALL baggie of jellybeans & mini-marshmallows, a reasonably-sized chocolate bunny and a kidvid of Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen – they’re twins too, ya know! – and a little butterfly glider toy.

Zanna squealed with joy over each item, but for Halle, all items were superfluous after she found the little bag of candy 🙂

Then we had our own private egg-hunt indoors.  My feelings regarding public egg hunts require a post of their own, so suffice to say that I preferred the home version.

The plastic eggs (re-used from last year) had little toys, and a few more mini-marshmallows and jellybeans.  And there was one Golden Egg.

We counted 48 eggs before hiding them, then Mike took the girls into our bedroom, while Bubbe and I scrambled to hide the eggs for the girls to find, all over our apartment. (pun intended)

At last, we released the girls and they capered about the place searching out eggy treasure.  After awhile we counted their eggs but still had more to be found.  Finally, we adults scouted around to locate the eggs and guide the twins with “hotter, colder” directions.

At last, the Golden Egg was found (the prize for that was a Hello Kitty mini-poster to be shared), and nearly all the eggs had been located.

Except one.

Problem was, neither I nor Bubbe could remember where we had hidden the darn thing.  All five of us were madly dashing about trying to locate it, because for all I knew, it might have been one that had a small piece of candy in it – and I didn’t want us to be overrun with pests attracted by the smell.

With the final egg found at last, we settled in to lunch, and afterwards, a small chunk of the chocolate bunnies was doled out to each girl.

All in all, a very successful holiday!

And I managed to eke out another early bedtime from the girls, by telling them that the Easter Bunny would be by to collect the plastic eggs for re-use next year, and if he heard them still awake, he’d re-possess the toys, too!

Sadly, that only lasted a few hours and Halle kept us up the rest of the night, after she figured enough time had passed that the Bunny had come and gone.

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