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One of the reasons I liked Girl Scouts, back in the day, was the neato patches one could earn with different projects and activities.  I really liked those patches, and had been thinking of enrolling my twins in the Daisies (Girl Scouts for 5yr olds) – but alas! – there are no troops nearby!

Then, because the universe is obviously resonating with my yearning to get my kids all patched up, I got the opportunity to review a new product that’s just come out for kids – Gutzy Gear!

Gutzy Gear are fun embroidered velcro patches in different designs that can be attached to special straps that wrap around a kid’s backpack.

And the really fun part, aside from looking fun and cool – is that kids can trade them with each other!  Kinda like the amusement park collector pins, but less expensive, and easier to obtain.

There are a lot of patches to choose from – my girls got the frog/ladybug set and the funky monkey set to split between them.  The straps went on easily and the Gutzies (patches) had enough grip to stay on without fear of falling off, but were still removable by little hands.

At first I was worried that the girls would squabble over who got which patches, but they seemed really pleased with the ones they had.  They haven’t traded any yet, but we’re hoping that as Gutzy Gear catches on, that more of their school friends will join in on the fun.

Amy at BSM Media is the terriffic lady who matched me up with this great product, and she has even more in store for you:

“Because we want to spread the word about Gutzy Gear in your area, we have another special offer for any of your friends, family and followers; any of your friends or readers who actually purchases another package of Gutzies (retail price of 3.99-5.99 – you can find them at Bed Bath & Beyond right now!) and sends  either a copy of their receipt or a photograph of their child showing off their additional product will receive an exclusive Gutzy Gear patch that is not available in stores. So basically if you add to your collection, we’ll add to it as well!

Anyone wanting to take part in this promotion can email their picture or receipt to Amy@bsmmedia.com with the subject line “Gutzy Gear BOGO promotion”.  Make sure to include your shipping address so we know where to send your free Gutzy patch!”

And, to get you started on your Gutzy adventure, Gutzy Gear is sponsoring a GIVEAWAY on Twice Blessed Life for one of my readers to win a Gutzy Gear Starter Set which includes straps and a set of starter Gutzies (patches)!!

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*To conduct this review, I received a few Gutzy Gear starter sets and patches to try out.  The review above is my honest opinion and was not influenced by the test products I received.  Gutzy Gear and BSM Media are also sponsoring the prize for this giveaway.  I received no financial compensation for this post.

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  1. My son would love the Man’s Best Friend & Puppy Power patches. Thanks for the giveaway!! 🙂

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