Twin Minds…

Yesterday was the Open House for my twins’ Pre-K Art classes.  I attended both sessions, and for the most part, it was fun – we dribbled blobs of paint onto paper and then blew at it with straws to spread the paint.

The girls really liked dribbling the paint and getting me to blow it around – until I got dizzy, which they both thought was very amusing.

During the second session, with Zanna, their art teacher (the girls are in separate classes) came up to me and related the following:

A few weeks ago the class had been read a story about making machines and inventions, and thereafter were invited to create one of their own from a pile of bits ‘n bobs the teacher had given them.

Halle worked diligently on her creation, and when the teacher asked her what it was, she said it was a “Wagon Machine”.

In the next class session, Zanna also was given the opportunity to create something.  And when the teacher asked what she had made, was a little surprised when Zanna also answered, “a Wagon Machine”!

The teacher said that the girls had not had any interaction between the two classes!

Then she told me about a couple of aunts she’d had as a child who were identical twins.  The ladies had grown up and then moved to different countries.  One year, for the teacher’s mother’s birthday, the aunts, whohadn’t consulted each other on the topic, had each sent her a birthday present – the same exact bathing suit!

This makes me think that there might be more than one contender for world domination amongst my little girls!

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