#Earthday with a tired mommy of twins

I’ve got twins.  I’m tired.  It’s Earthday.

As if it’s no bother at all, BOTH of my girls’ Pre-K teachers expect me to just nip right down to the store, buy plant pots, seed packets and soil, for an Earthday project.


Except it’s pure torture to take the girls with me, and when they’re in school, I’ve got doctor’s appointments and/or “Mommy Naptime” (which, believe me I DESPERATELY need! ok?)

So, in the spirit of Earthday, I decided to do things differently:

Plant pots – after digging around a little, I found some old ones – still with a bit of dirt clinging to their insides – from last year’s attempt to start seeds indoors.

I figure – why WASTE water – a precious and valuable resource on our planet, to wash them out, especially when they’re just going to get filled with dirt again?

So into our recycled shopping bag they went.

Next, some seed packets.  After more rooting around (pun not intended – really!) I found a couple of seed packets from this past year that I got for FREE after signing up on Facebook pages.

And really, why on earth (really these puns are SO accidental!) should I WASTE money to actually BUY dirt?  Plenty of it outside!  So I grab a couple of ziploc baggies and a trowel and while the girls are eating breakfast, I skulk around our apartment complex and dig up a little soil from the already-bald spots on the lawn.

There!  All components of the Earthday project accounted for, I didn’t have to WASTE precious water, gas for driving, or money!

And best of all, I saved alot of my own precious resource – energy!  And believe you me – that is truly in short supply!

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