Save the bees and Mother’s Day Tea

My girls came home from Pre-K last week, merrily singing about smashing baby bumblebees.

Needless to say, I was aghast and horrified.  Shocked, stunned and appalled covers it, too.

So I carefully explained to Halle & Zanna that bees are very important – they fly from flower to flower collecting (and distributing) ‘yellow flower dust’ called pollen, and that makes many plants grow fruit and veggies for us.  If we didn’t have those things, we’d starve and die.

So it’s a Very Bad Thing to hurt our helpful little honeybee friends.

The girls were very dismayed by this and felt a bit indignant about this.

Halle insists, therefore, that I email her teacher and explain these things to her and insist that she not have the kids sing it anymore.

Or, in Halle’s words: “Can you write her that’s a mean song, she should not tell us to sing that!  We should be nice to the poor little bees!”

and Zanna chimed in, “Then we can have lots of fruits and veggies!  Those are healthy foods!  Right, Mama?”

Well, today was the Mother’s Day Tea party for Zanna’s class, and apparently it’s one of the songs the children have been practicing to sing to the mommies.  At the point in the song where the children are to sing and mime themselves killing the baby bumblebee, all the other kids were smiling, but Zanna looked mournful.

Sigh…now I feel a little bad having said anything about the song, but still – killing insects gleefully is really Not Good to teach children.  What’s a mother to do?

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2 thoughts on “Save the bees and Mother’s Day Tea

  1. Hi Lara! Why did they teach kids to do that in school in the first place? Aren’t there any song that they can choose to sing? Anyway, maybe you could let them watch cartoon movies such as the Bee movie. It’s a very good movie, it depicts the importance of bees to the community. 🙂

  2. As the bumble bee goes, so goes the planet. They are THAT important. The teacher needs to get a clue.

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