Helpful Hints for the Harried Housewife/Mama

Work with the juicebox, not against it!

1)  Before giving a juicebox to your child, take 3-4 sips first.  This reduces the likelihood of it being wielded as a watergun when squeezed.

2)  Most liquid/powder/crushed tablet medicines can be injected into a juicebox and ingested without fuss by a child.  Your local pharmacy will have plastic syringes used for giving liquid tylenol or liquid advil, sometimes they might even give them to you for free!  Just poke a hole in the juicebox with the straw, inject meds, cover hole with finger and shake vigorously, re-insert straw and serve.  (Don’t forget to take 3-4 sips BEFORE injecting meds into the juice!)


Kitchen Timers are good for more than Time-Out countdowns!

1) “Mooom!! She’s not letting me take a turn!”  Set an agreed on amount of time on the timer, and when the bell dings, the coveted toy must be given over to the next child.  (Make it easy on yourself and buy two timers, that way you can pre-set for the next turn afterwards:  Timer 1: 10 mins, Timer 2: 20 mins.)

2) The dinner that never ends…  Set your timer for a reasonable amount of time in which the child must clean his/her plate or forfeit dessert, or when the table gets cleared.


If you treat your toys like trash, so will I!

Give the child(ren) a reasonable amount of time to clean up.  If they don’t, just bag it all in Hefty’s finest and place it in the middle of the room.  It’s their last chance – after that, Mom will cart it to the town dump. (Or just stow it in a closet or car trunk for awhile and rotate the items back into the regular toy population when they’re not looking.)


Introduce the concept of Time-Outs for Mommy.

My kids were amused when I first started this.  But sometimes Mommy needs to take a few, rather than blow her stack over something.  My girls even like to set the timer for me, and usually let me be for the duration.  It’s also good for them to see that time-outs are not just for punishment or discipline, but also to help one get a grip on one’s emotions or situation.


Eat your veggies!!

A properly done smoothie can hide a multitude of evils…namely veggies.  Except broccoli – that just can’t be hidden.  Ever.

In addition to the fresh and frozen fruit, put in a scoop or two of green powder, some pro-biotic powder, some carrots, mild salad greens, some raw unpeeled organic zucchini, and the most important ingredient to cover up any unsightly greenish tint:  frozen blueberries.

The kiddies will never know that they are slurping down the equivalent to the salad bar at Sizzlers!  Just be wary of protein powders – those tend to thicken things up to the point of  being unpalatable.

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