Minor Surgeries and Smashed Beds

Zanna at 4 yrs old is perfectly capable of cutting her own pancakes.

So can someone please explain to me WHY the child not only insisted (pestered me for 20 minutes) that I cut them for her, but when I apparently made the first incision the ‘wrong way’, she proceeded to have a meltdown for the next 40 minutes?

What am I missing here, folks?

And warts – Zanna’s had a couple small ones (the doctor says they aren’t HPV though) for about 2 years, and suddenly yesterday one of them’s enlarged and bloody.  So off we go to the doctor, where I hold Zanna while the doc whips out a scalpel and slices them both off.  Yugh!!

And, after years of jumping like bunnies on their beds, Halle’s bed throws in the towel, and no amount of wood glue or extra support 2×4’s will fix it – the thing is kindling.

So we had to buy the twins another set of convertible bunk-beds.  Still have to put the thing together, and the girls are greatly looking forward to this.

Luckily though, a kind relative has bought the girls a mini-trampoline for their upcoming birthday, so hopefully my little monkeys will confine their jumping to that, and “No more monkeys jumping on the bed!”

Especially after Halle slipped last week and put a tooth thru her bottom lip and sliced the frenulum in side her upper lip.

It’s like a war zone here!

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1 thought on “Minor Surgeries and Smashed Beds

  1. My son pulls the same stunt with pancakes and other items that he’s perfectly capable of cutting himself. He’s TWELVE! Honestly, I think it’s just that they like to know Mommy is willing to make the time to do something for them… and if we so much as mess that up, they take it as a sign we’re too busy.

    But no pressure, Mom! 😉
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