Party of Five…The nightmare begins…

I just had my first twins’-fifth-birthday-party-planner induced nightmare!

Somehow I had made it to the end of the party with no disasters or zombie apocolypses, only to discover that the swag bags for the guests were missing!  This filled me with fear.

We are T-minus 32 days and counting until the big event.  So far I’ve only heard back from 2 of the 7 invites – 1 coming, 1 can’t make it.

Haven’t heard back from our complex’s manager if I can use the backyardish space for the party, so I’m going to assume the answer’s ‘yes’, since I’m in no mood to do the requisite 6 or 7 calls it takes to nudge them out of hibernation to do something resembling work.

Figured out the proper way to address the invites so the guests don’t feel obligated to bring a gift for each twin – just write the invite as if it’s for only one child’s birthday and make no mention of the other one.  Zanna’s guests are coming for her party and Halle’s guests are coming for hers.  Hopefully it’ll work out and that’s not the reason for any delay in RSVPing.

Now all I have to do is sort out the cake, food, grown-up food, swag bags, party activities, and then we’re all set!

Easy peasy, right?

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