The Big Bang Theory of Raising Toddlers

I have kids, twin toddlers (at time of writing, they are now nearly 5 yrs old) – both girls, to be exact.  And, as with every parent on the planet, I have concerns that they learn the right sorts of things, the right values, so as to become productive, happy citizens of the planet.

As such, I seek out teachable moments wherein to inculcate the Important Things into their little noggins.

Sometimes this took the form of telling them fairy-tale stories of how Captain Kirk and his best friends Spock and Bones save the universe, and are generally brave, smart and caring, while my little ones looked up at me in utter incomprehenstion as I fed them their bottles and burped them as infants.

Sometimes, though, things are more subtle.

Not to digress, but I love watching Big Bang Theory. I love its ‘rife with geekyness’ humor, and I really, really, really like Sheldon Cooper, Ph.D.

I also like when he (or Penny) sings Soft Kitty.

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty,
Little Ball Of Fur.
Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, Purr, Purr, Purr.

So, one night when my kids were being a bit difficult to get to sleep, I started rubbing their backs and singing Soft Kitty to them.

They loved it!

Soon they were demanding it at every bedtime.  Over and over and over.

Then they started coming up with variations.  Halle announced one evening that she wasn’t a kitty.  She was a chicken.  Therefore, while feeling all kinds of foolish,  I must sing Soft Chicken to her, while rubbing her back.

Soft Chicken, Warm Chicken,
Little Ball Of Feathers.
Happy Chicken, Sleepy Chicken,
Squawk, Squawk, Squawk.

Sometimes I had to go through a whole Noah’s Ark of animals before the girls had had enough.

I counseled myself that I must do this to gain leverage for when the time comes and I must ask (or bribe, whatever works) them to don their junior sized Starfleet Uniforms and attend conventions with me.

But this is a necessity, lest they fall to the dark side, with its sparkly vampires and permanently brooding protagonists that look more constipated than romantically tragic.

(This post was originally written in 2010 but never published on until now.)

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1 thought on “The Big Bang Theory of Raising Toddlers

  1. Oh, I love Big Bang Theory for the same reason! Now that it’s in reruns on TBS, along with another local affiliate, we’re recording all of them and spend most evenings watching at least two episodes. They just never get old!

    Can I just say that with your fairy tales about Captain Kirk and his friend Spock, you’re my Sheroe?
    Katie B. of recently posted..Organize Your Car For Summer FunMy Profile

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