Summer Vay-cay looms large on the horizon…

Da-dum, da-dum, da da-da-da-da da-da-da-da…..AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGHHH!!!

Yep, that would sum it up in a nutshell!

2 more months until the twins are in Kindergarten – a full day of school! – and though we’re nearly there, we’ve still got summer vacation to get through.

I’ve got to guard against “summer brain-drain”, lest they forget every bit of educational goodness that was hand-fed by patient pre-k teachers into their little noggins.

I won’t get my morning ‘mama nap’ for the next few months.

And somehow I’ve got to entertain my little wild bunch – visions of me in a tophat and tails, tap-dancing around, fill my head.

And of course, it looks as though we’re off to a roaring good start – I’m sick.

Head-pounding, sore-throat, waterfalls of mucus cascading down my sinus passages, body hit-by-a-train pains all over – yeah, we’re good to go all right!

And adding to that misery, is the disappointment, that so far as the twins’ B-day party goes – only 2 people has RSVP’d to say they’re coming.  We’ve had four others say they’re traveling out of state this summer, and all of the rest – nary a peep!  I’ve even tried leaving messages on their phones, but they’ve all gone to ground it seems.

I blame myself.

A)  I had no idea that summer vacation WASN’T the best time to have a B-day party, because…..that’s when many families have THEIR big vacation travel plans…d’oh!!

B)  I accidentally wore this:

to Halle’s friend’s B-day party about a month ago.  I was on the way back from the World Steampunk Faire, and it totally slipped my mind that I had this on, as we merrily made our way into the midst of the party.

I’ve probably been deemed as someone that Polite Society should shun.  Including my girls’ B-day party.


WHY was I not told about this? Really, this is the kind of stuff that would be useful to know. Maybe Pre-K should issue a memo: Attn parents – if you’re planning to hold a b-day party for your child, DO NOT schedule it during any kind of school holiday break or summer vacation.

Who knew?

Apparently everyone else except me.

Ok, I’ll stop the whining now 🙂



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1 thought on “Summer Vay-cay looms large on the horizon…

  1. LOL. I’m a summer baby, too, and learned at an early age not to ask for birthday parties because NO ONE was in town to attend! My mom got smart and started holding my party shortly before school let out for the summer, explaining to the other parents that not only did it make it more convenient for kids to attend, but this way she didn’t have to keep track of everyone’s addresses since I could just hand the invites out at school.

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