We partied hearty with #VZWCrowdTap and all the APPs we could eat or download!

For awhile I’ve been a user of and doing polls for points, and after watching other peeps get great opportunities like hosting parties and such, it was my turn!

VerizonInsider.com picked me to host a party for my friends! All the free APPs we could eat or download!

Well, actually we ate APPetizers, and downloaded smartphone APPs, but you get the picture 🙂

With the allowance CrowdTap and VerizonInsider.com gave me for food, I took off for Trader Joes, the better to get more ‘bang’ for my buck.

Puff pastries w/uncured ham & cheese, chicken Lumpia (Philipino meat sticks), Saturn peaches, sweet clementines, lime wedges, mini chicken tacos, mini pizzas, mac & cheese balls, meatballs with honey dijon & BBQ dipping sauces, and Tempura Shrimp w/sauce. We also had some organic corn chips w/corn salsa.

The piece de resistance were some homemade “Weird Guy Mint/Feta Figs” that I made with mint I’d picked fresh that morning from my own garden, followed up by mochi ice-cream balls, and plenty of blueberry and pomegranite soda to wash it all down with!

After everyone had decimated the APPetizers, we got down to business: downloading our APPs!

After a few brief technical difficulties while we tried to install ITunes in some of the guests’ smartphones, we kind of gave up but they were pretty happy with the APPs they could find on Google Play, so it all worked out well.

(Not everyone was comfortable having their pics taken, but I think we got enough to give you an idea of the fun time we all had!  Some guests had even brought their kids, so there was an impromptu playdate going on in the background, as well.)

There was a VERY vocal contingent that were absolutely nuts about Angry Birds Space, and as soon as they had downloaded it, wanted to do nothing except play it – even with the promise of more APPs to download for free.  I finally bribed them with homemade ice pops to wait until after the party to play the game.

One young lady gave a decidedly unladylike squeal of geeker joy when she found she could download the latest Doctor Who comics books – my ears are still ringing from that discovery!

Some of the other APPs downloaded were a Golf GPS, some techie APPs for Excel coding, some APPs that I wasn’t too clear on what they were, as they were in Japanese, some VBA programming ones, a business card scanner, some mp3s, The Hobbit ebook (we had a couple of Hobbit fans at the party, eagerly awaiting the release of the Peter Jackson Hobbit movie next year), and one person even downloaded some issues of “Crochet Today” magazine!

I originally had planned for the party to last 2 hours, but by the time everyone had slowed down on downloading and sharing each others’ discoveries, and polishing off what was left of the APPetizers, the party had gone on for a grand total of FOUR HOURS!

We all had lots of fun and I would gladly do it again, sometime!

If you’re planning on having a summer bash of your own, try this recipe for:

“Weird Guy Mint/Feta Figs”

10 ripe figs, washed & cut in halves length-wise

6 oz. feta cheese w/mediteranean herbs sprinkled in (you can buy this at Trader Joes)

a handful of fresh mint leaves, wash and chop semi-finely

Enough balsamic vinegar or balsamic vinegar reduction/glaze to make the mix of chopped mint & feta a bit gloppy, but not drippy.

Olive oil

1) On a foil-lined baking pan, lay out the fig halves, cut sides up.

2) Mix the feta, chopped mint and balsamic vinegar/reduction/glaze

3) Using a teaspoon put small mounds of the feta/mint/balsamic glop on top of each fig half.

4) Sprinkle each fig half w/a little olive oil.

5) Broil until figs soften and the stuff on top is a little bubbly – it took me about 8-10 mins, but keep checking so you don’t burn it.

6) Serve on a nice plate.

Basically, I was in Trader Joes and while I was looking over the fruit, this guy with a weird look in his eyes suddenly sidles up to me and loudly whispers, “Hey, ya know what’s good?  Take some fresh ripe figs…” and tells me the recipe.  Then he suspiciously looked around and slinked off.


But tasty!

**I received this opportunity to host a party from CrowdTap and VerizonInsider.com, I received $35 toward appetizers and $50 to cover the cost of APP downloads, as well as a Verizon Tote Bag, a couple of plastic Verizon bracelets, and if the party report I submit is deemed adequate, I’ll receive CrowdTap points I can use to redeem for a variety of gift cards.  The opinions expressed above are my own and were not influenced by the covered costs of the party.  It was not required that I write a blog post or a party report, yet I chose to do so.

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