Reclaiming Mom”me”

In one week, the twins will be 5 years old.

Five years in the grueling trenches of the mommy battlefield are nearly over, and full-time kindergarten is just around the corner, come September.

They both sleep in their own beds (Halle used to prefer the floor), we have successfully eradicated the existence of diapers from our home.

We only rarely have a spilled beverage, and now I can get them to dress themselves, more often than not.

Yesterday I taught them how to fold their own blankets, which they took to like a duck to water.  Next I plan to teach them how to fold laundry, mop floors and clean toilets (just kidding on the floors and toilets part!) 🙂

They are wonderful, creative, kind and friendly little people!

So now I’m left wondering: Who the heck am I?

Other than exhausted, I mean.

So right now I’m beginning to “find myself”, now that my every waking moment (and sleeping ones, too) won’t be revolving around my little girls exclusively.

And once I catch up on my sleep (and get that abdominal re-attachment surgery for my gaping diastasis recti) it’ll be interesting to find out who or what I’ve grown into, over the past five years of twin parenting.

For one thing, my blog’s focus will likely change from primarily focused on the milestones we’ve achieved, as related to twins, and become more whole-family oriented.  I’m looking forward to it, actually.

I dearly love my kids, but it’s been a bit of a grind getting the both of them to this point while trying to practice as much of attachment parenting for twins as was feasible.

Mommy needs a fresh change in lifestyle.  It hasn’t come any too soon 🙂

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1 thought on “Reclaiming Mom”me”

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your nice comment. I am so happy to hear that you are reclaiming your self after only 5 years! Unfortunately it took me 23 years to realize I needed to do that a long time ago, so you are ahead of the game. Teach them everything you can before they are 10 years old, after that it gets harder to teach them anything.
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