Asian Tchotchke Exhibit

After having been married to someone from Japan, and having lived there for a few years, and being part of a movement that has its roots in Korea, I’ve managed to amass a not inconsiderable amount of tchotchkes (“CHAH-ch kees” a.k.a. knicknacks, gew-gaws) from those countries.

When I heard that my local library was letting its patrons have use of some display cases to show off their various collections, I figured it’d be a nice way to show off my collection and maybe earn some “serious” cred as having interests in something other than comic books, action figure toys and sci-fi.

Maybe it would make me seem more ‘relatable’ to my peer group of fellow mamas – none of whom seem to have any interest in, say, playing with a replica of the Starship Enterprise, reading X-Men comics, or crocheting gears with which to accessorize my Steampunk costume for NY ComicCon.

So here, without further ado are some pics of my little Asian Tchotchkes Exhibit:

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