Two more days until B-Day!

Two more days until B-Day!

The twins are very excited now.  So am I, now that we have actual confirmed and semi-confirmed guests!

And the weather report says it’s going to thunderstorm that day!

Means we’ll most likely have to hold the party exclusively indoors.  In our apartment.  Our considerably-smaller-than-the-yard-outside apartment.

Oh, and some of the guests’ parents are possibly bringing along additional siblings.

Somehow we’ve gone from fretting over the possibility of only having 4 children including the twins, to now having 11.  And that’s not counting their parents – about 6 additional adults, plus my husband and I and Bubbe.  In. Our. Small. Apartment.  20 persons of various sizes.

Oh, and did I mention that my neck/shoulder injury that incapacitated me from December 2011 until June 2012 has decided that now is a perfectly acceptable time to flare up again?

Remind me why I’m scared?

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