Hot-Glue Guns, Glitter and Shoes – Oh My!

One of the pesky things about small children is that they grow.  Of course it’s nice when your pint-sized offspring mature and get larger, but it can get pricey in the clothes and shoes department!

So we try to get quality at a good price.

The Stride Rite outlet store near us is where we usually go for shoes, but the last time we tried that, they didn’t have two pairs of the same kind and the twins raised such a stink about not having the same kind of shoes as sister did!

So I thought that maybe this time we’d try a regular Stride Rite store that had a sale. Luckily there was one, but the only shoes that were within our price range were these for $30 per pair:

Not exactly brimming with girlish glee, the twins stared back at me in stony silence. They were not amused.  They wanted the dainty pink shoes gaily festooned with Disney Princesses that also had twinkly lights on them – $75 per pair.

So, off the top of my head I promised (desperately) that we could spruce the brown clodhoppers up with GLITTER!!!

They perked up immediately.

I was in deep poop.  I had visions of elmer’s glue and handfuls of glitter being flung in every direction during the above-mentioned shoe reclamation project.

So the idea popped into my head: Hot-glue gun!

The fact that I had never used one of these before in my life did little to deter me.  Surely it wasn’t rocket science!

So off I went to buy a mini gun at the arts/crafts store for $3.99.

Then I mentioned what I was doing to my mom and Bubbe was less than pleased.

That was when I had the first inkling that I may have gotten in over my head.  I was warned about the burning-hotness of the gun and the glue (which I hadn’t realized) and the potential for injury and death (mine if the girls got hurt**).

So after re-thinking this, I decided that I, the mommy, would be the sole wielder of the Gun of Gluey Hotness, and the girls would stand a respectful distance away and daintily sprinkle the glitter over the glue without touching it.

Bubbe remained skeptical.  I started praying.

After I revved up the glue gun and warned the girls to keep back, I had them point and tell me where they wanted to put the glitter.  I glued, they sprinkled. Then they told me where to put the beads and I (after learning quickly that yes, that glue is darn hot!) applied the beads.

Turned out pretty good!

These are Halle’s:

and these are Zanna’s:

A couple of days of rough playing later, the beads started dropping off, and some of the glittered glue blobs started coming off, but the shoes still look pretty nifty, and it’s easy enough to re-apply the stuff.

**Bubbe didn’t actually come out and say my ass was grass if the kids got hurt, but it was sorta implied with the “Bubbe Glare of Promised Wrath To Come”.

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