To Sleep, Perchance to Dream…

At 5 years old, the twins have long since left diapers behind (pun not intended), and are using the potty regularly.  Actually they use the regular toilet, but with a child’s seat on it.

Halle’s ok, as far as nighttime potty trips go. She’s able to wake up, hold it, and get to the potty on time, but Zanna still has a bladder control problem.

About an hour after she falls asleep, we have to rouse her, lead her to the bathroom and prop her up as we coax her to pee.

And a couple of hours after that, we take her there again.

Then-after, she seems to be fine and may get up again in the wee hours of the morning (pun not intended) all by herself.

If we don’t have this kind of intervention, she wets the bed multiple times each night.

Her last drink is usually 2 hours before bedtime, and she even manages to pee before sleeping, but it’s still not enough.

So I’m wondering if I should invest in an alarm for bedwetting, or in homeopathic/herbal bedwetting tablets.

I’m hoping that rousing her before she wets will be enough to train her, but she sleeps so heavily!


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1 thought on “To Sleep, Perchance to Dream…

  1. My oldest son wet the bed until he was 13. At the instruction of his doctor, we tried alarms, waking him multiple times a night, holistic and herbal remedies, etc. When they all failed the doctor suggested a med that would make it difficult for him to urinate but like all meds, there were side-affects.

    We chose not to put him on the meds. I also wet the bed until my teens so I knew that while it’s annoying, it was likely genetic and he chose to wear Pull-ups at night until they no longer fit and then after that we triple made his bed – plastic sheet, reg sheet, plastic, real, plastic, real so that at least when he wet at night it wasn’t a big deal to strip the bed, change his clothes, and grab a new blanket.

    Yes, it made for way more laundry every day, but he grew up healthy and happy so it was worth it.

    That’s my take. Good luck to you. It’s frustrating for sure. What helped me was remembering he wasn’t doing it on purpose and he wasn’t doing it to tick me off.
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