Our Special Hurricane Adventure!

A couple of weeks ago, we got hit by Hurricane Sandy! We live in New Jersey, and while we knew it was going to be bad, we didn’t think it would be this bad. Wishful thinking, I guess 🙂

My family and I are all right, still no power/no heat/no phones, and we’re sleeping in a camping tent at night (Thanks Dad! That tent you gave us almost 10 years ago is really coming in handy during this time!)

The kids are FINALLY back in school! YAY!!!

Let me repeat that, lest anyone not understand my unspeakable joy at that last pronouncement:  YYYYAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

I really mean it.

So at least they are warm and occupied during the day.

At home, it’s huddle in the tent!

If you do decide to use a tent for warmth, I suggest putting it on top of your largest bed mattress (much softer to sleep on and warmer than the floor). We’ve got ours set up in the living room.

Then we piled in every blanket, bathrobe and sleeping bag (1) we’ve got, and it is just enough to get us through the nights.

Then of course it had to snow. We’ve got 5 inches outside, but thankfully school is still in session!


Copious amounts of joy. Spread the word.

And I’m coming up with more creative uses for canned soup and hamburger helper! (my favorite was a can of Progresso French Onion soup, some instant mashed potatoes, some thawed (what other kind is there these days?) corn kernals, some zucchini chunks, some chunks of veggie/turkey burger, and 2 boxes of hamburger helper’s Creamy Chicken noodle flavor.

Instead of the milk (which we don’t have), just use all water and a little chicken boullion, or instead of water, use chicken broth, and just prepare according to the directions. It’ll be a little soupy, but it’s hot, tasty and not too bad nutritionally, sort of.)

So hopefully we’ll get power soon, in the meantime, please join our family in praying and wishing the best for those who are affected much worse than we were. Our hearts go out to them.



(from a coffee shop wifi station)


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1 thought on “Our Special Hurricane Adventure!

  1. Oh, Lara, you and all of the others affected by Hurricane Sandy are in our prayers. Your sense of humor despite the hardship is truly inspiring. I hope life is returning to normal for you these days… and that the kids are still in school. YAYYYYYY!!!!!!

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