The Virus from Hell

In a seemingly never-ending series of afflictions, our entire family got hit with a pretty nasty virus, and then bacterial bronchitis.

Actually, having been in the throes of extreme mucosity for the past few weeks, it’s not actually something I feel like writing about, except for having found a new way to get liquid antibiotics down the gullets of my kids:

Mixing about 2-3 teaspoons of maple syrup to a teaspoon of liquid antibiotics seems to be enough to get the kids to drink it.  My previous method of injecting the meds into a juicebox with a plastic syringe (available for free at most drugstore pharmacy counters) didn’t work for one particularly vile-tasting drug. It just made the entire box of juice taste foul.

So after a little experimenting, I stumbled upon the maple syrup method.

Ok, back into hiatus until I’m definitely sure I’m not actually going to cough up a lung or two!

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