Out with the old, in with the new!

For the past one year, our family has been going through a process of weeding out the pockets of negativity that have been bogging us down on many levels, to make room for more positive happenings to come.

Bit by bit, the boxes and bags of never-to-be-used, but handy-to-keep-just-in-case junk are being gone through and sorted into Donate/Sell/Trash/Keep. We’re getting to way way back in the pantry cabinets and trying to make use of things that haven’t seen the light of day since we first bought them. Some of those things are perplexing.

What on earth was I thinking when I bought THREE sacks of lentils? I mean, I like sprouts as much as the next person, but not THAT much!

We’ve also done a purge of our art supply bins and found a lot that needed to be resorted and stored better so that we could actually make use of it all.

I’m sure that if all of us went through this, we’d be amazed at how many unused resources we have that we initially sank our hard-earned money into that have gone to waste.

We’re cutting down on our spending – or at least trying to.

And last, but not least, we’ve also been taking stock of the relationships we’re part of and the organizations we’d been members of and done some reflection and evaluation.

Some needed a little more maintenance on our parts, some needed a lot, but are worth making the time and effort for.

Some were pretty darn toxic and needed the ol’ heave-ho. In some cases, the revelation of just how poisonous and toxic they were was of earth-shaking, cataclysmic proportions. No exaggeration. So after we’d done some relationship and organization termination, and in at least one case made sure to not only burn bridges but do a little earth-salting as well as do the modern-day equivalent of nailing up wads of garlic to get the ‘Not Welcome Anymore’ message across, we pretty much had to rebuild a lot of our worldview and try to figure out what things like faith, family and future meant for us.

I think we’re making pretty good progress. Sure, it’s been difficult, stressful, and a helluva paradigm shift, but we’re so much happier now than when we began to retrench our lives over a year ago. And with luck, things will improve for us even more.

As for New Year’s Resolutions, here are mine:

Lose the final 20 pounds
Get one story professionally (not ‘self’) published
Complete one Crochet amigurumi project
How about you? Anything going on in your or your family’s lives that you need to reconfigure? Drop a comment below and let me know 🙂

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