Can a #TackyBox help with Potty Mouth? Review & Giveaway

We tried the Potty Mouth chart, created by my kids, where refraining from using naughty words is rewarded, but it just didn’t meet with much success.

Then I ran across a children’s book called “Margo’s Magnificent Choice” and the Tacky Box.  The Tacky Box is a simple wooden box with a clasp on it that children can decorate as they please, and inside is a little memo pad festooned with the Tacky Box monkey logo for children to write down any ‘tacky’ words or behaviors they engage in or even that they’ve witnessed.  Then those tacky things are locked away in the box, never to be heard (or seen) from again!

The Tacky Box is packaged as a set with the lovely watercolor-illustrated book: “Margo’s (or ‘Max’s’ for boys) Magnificent Choice”.


My girls were excited to have me read them a new story at bedtime, especially one with a monkey on the cover.  They ‘oo-ed’ and ‘ah-ed’ over the illustrations and admiring the watercolor painting techniques, as they listened to the tale of Margo, the prettiest, smartest, etc-est monkey in the jungle who still wasn’t very happy because some of her own tacky words repulsed all of the other animals in the jungle, except the Wise Old Owl.

That sage fowl has a solution, of course!  He gifts Margo with her very own Tacky Box with which to lock away her tacky words.  Margo is determined to use kinder, non-tacky language with her jungle friends, and before long she is also the happiest critter in the jungle.

After finishing the story, I told Halle & Zanna that I had a special surprise for them!  Then I pulled out our very own Tacky Box.


They were very excited about this and immediately began bombarding me with all kinds of words and behaviors that they heard at school and from each other, asking me eagerly if those qualified as ‘Tacky’.  Upon confirmation that yes, those were indeed tacky words they eagerly grabbed for the Tacky Box’s word pad and soon our Tacky Box had quite a collection of papers in it.


After every entry we all high-fived and congratulated each other on our promise to never use those tacky words again.

For the past couple of days, every evening the girls have quite a list of tacky words they’ve witnessed their classmates (and their twin) using, and I’m just hoping that the makers of the Tacky Box will offer a re-fill of the memo pad, because my girls have refused to use post-it notes as a substitute, because it doesn’t have the picture of Margo & Max on it.

I really like the Tacky Box so far, because it’s made my girls evaluate the language they use and hear from others.  We’ll see if the Tacky Box has any effect over the long term in my follow-up review in a few weeks from now.

The Tacky Box and “Margo’s (Max’s) Magnificent Choice” are the brainchild of Chris Kent Phelps and Cindy Kent, a mother/grandmother duo bent on ridding the world of tacky behaviors

Here is what the Tacky Box looked like after my twins stopped stuffing it full of tacky words and actually started decorating it:


You can order your very own Tacky Box set here.


  • Hardback copy of Margo’s (Max’s) Magnificent Choice
  • Authentic Tacky Box (5×8 wooden box
    featuring Margo and Max)
  • Instructions for use from Authors
  • Special notepad featuring Margo and Max

for just $29.95 USD

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*** I was offered one TackyBox/Margo’s Magnificent Choice set to facilitate this review, and one set was offered as a giveaway prize to my readers.  No other compensation was received and all opinions expressed in this review are my own and were not influenced in any way by compensation.

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