“We’d rather trash food than feed your child.”

There are just some people who shouldn’t work in certain jobs.

Marriage counselors who’ve never been married.

Child psychologists/psychiatrists who’ve never had kids.

School workers who’ve donated their hearts and brains to science, yet still keep ticking.

With that last one, I’m of course speaking of the recent debacle that’s been in the news, about the Salt Lake, UT school district that figured it was better to throw fine food in the TRASH, rather than feed it to hungry kids who had deficits in their school lunch accounts.

Yep, that’s right.  They let the kids get all the way to the register, lunch in hand, before taking it away at the end of the line and THROWING IT IN THE TRASH.

The lame-brained excuse for this – “Food that’s already been served, can’t be served to another student, so it must be thrown away.” was deemed a perfectly fine way to deal with the matter.

Now tell me, how the hell can a child learn in an environment that is so mean-spirited, cruel and disrespectful that it tells kids – ‘We would rather throw food in the garbage than see it fed to the likes of YOU!”

Nope, they couldn’t just withold that quarter’s report card, or next year’s grade promotion until the account’s paid up.  Nosiree, better to waste food in front of hungry children, ruin it so it couldn’t be eaten, because the kids couldn’t pay for it.

How the hell is that “saving money”?  Really, if the school cared so damn much about the money, why have that food be wasted?

Answer: They didn’t care about the money at all.  Some sadistic piece of human filth wanted to get their kicks by virtually spitting in the faces of these kids, scarring them for life.

Someone this morally twisted has no business being around kids in any capacity, let alone making any kind of decisions that affect kids.

This is abuse.  Why is an abusive person like this allowed to have this job?  Why are they continued to be allowed to have this job?  I’m reading reports on the news that the school has “apologized”, but not word one from the sicko that masterminded this display of obvious cruelty towards children, let alone any announcement that they’ve been removed from their position.

Why the hell not?

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