World’s greatest mouth-cleaner? #TackyBox Review pt. 2

Since the Tacky Box review pt 1, our Tacky Box has seen quite a bit of usage.  Our resident tattler twin has been redirected towards it whenever she has a grievance against her sister, and there is now a good accumulation of Tacky memo notes inside it.

The interesting thing about that, is while the offender has been pretty careful to not repeat “Tacky” words, she is also pretty creative in coming up with new ones.  Hence the accumulation of Tacky notes in our Tacky Box.

Our family has also had some pretty good conversations when our twins come home from school and inquire whether or not a classmate’s words or behavior qualify as “Tacky”.  (I really like this as it shows my kids are not just passive sponges when it comes to their peers’ behavior, but they are observing and applying their judgment as to whether something is right or wrong.)

And when I accidentally flambe`ed something at the stove and said a naughty word, there was a chorus of little voices calling me out on uttering a “Tacky” word.  I asked them to please write and put that word in the Tacky Box while I dealt with the equivalent of Pompeii in the kitchen, but I was informed that “That word is already in the Tacky Box, Mommy, from the last time you said it!”


Moving on…

And in the past, where I would have had to repeatedly ask that certain behaviors be stopped, now I only have to remind the child that that sort of thing is “Tacky”, and surprisingly, she stops it.

I like this Tacky Box.


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