Vashti gets the short end of the stick on #Purim


This weekend we’ve been celebrating the Jewish holiday of Purim.

Part costume party, part holy day, Purim commemorates the time way back when some nasty bad guy decided to decimate the entirety of Jews living in the land. (as nasty bad guys are prone to doing)

In a plot twist worthy of Disney, a brave young girl (Esther – aka Hadassah) braves the odds,  becomes Queen, and with her faithful companion Mordecai (her uncle), she turns the tables on the wicked Haman (boo!) and the Jews are safe once again until the next baddie takes a crack at ’em.  Oh yeah, somewhere in there is Esther’s tool of a husband – King Ahasureus (aka Xerxes).

But before sweet, virginal Esther happened upon the scene to turn the King’s head, there was Vashti, a beautiful Queen.

That is, until her husband demanded that she parade around in front of his buddies at his drunken stag party so that he and his homies could have a good gawk at her beauty.

Vashti, like any confident, self-respecting woman, of course is turned off by the notion that she – the QUEEN – is to be shown off and objectified in front of drunken partygoers – by her HUSBAND, of all people, so she respectfully declines the ‘honor’.

The drunken King flies into a rage and divorces her and has her cast out of the palace. Right after that he’s ‘testing out’ all the virgins in the land until he finds the most biddable one – Esther.

Yeah, hooray for Esther saving the Jews because of the mess her foolish husband got them into by pandering to the overblown ego of his cruel advisor.


But what really fries my turkey bacon is that now and forevermore, every Jew on the planet is loudly proclaiming (in front of their impressionable young daughters, sisters, female children of whatever relation) that Vashti was a bee-yotch of the highest order for not agreeing to parade around in front of drunkards to be treated as though her only worth is her physical looks.  How dare she say anything against the disrespect of her husband toward her!

“Oy Vey!” we say, shaking our heads in disgust at her “stupidity”, when we should all really be on our feet cheering “You go, girl!”

Because the dream of every parent is for their daughter to grow up someday and be paraded in front of cat-calling drunks who only view her as being good for one thing – being pretty.

So why the heck are we wasting so much time, money and energy on getting more girls interested in S.T.E.M. (Science, Tech, Engineering & Math)?

God was the one foolish enough to put a functioning brain inside females, but we humans know better than God Almighty, am I right, or am I right?

So obviously the lesson to be learned from Vashti on Purim is that the highest a woman can aspire to is being objectified by drunks, with her own husband (such a good catch!) at the head of the slavering pack.

Oy flipping Vey!



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