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Losing weight.  The baby weight.  You’d think with all the running around after the kids that we do, and all the exhaustion we feel that we’d all be as slim and sleek as mink.


So we try juicing, we try this diet, and that diet, we exercise our (not so) little tired tushies off, but the weight keeps piling on!

So we try eating smaller portions at mealtimes and snacks – why the heck isn’t this &*&%^$^#%%&* weight coming off?!

Hang on a moment, the kids have finished dinner and I’ve got to clean that up.  Here, just let me finish drinking that half-drunk milk or juice, because I certainly can’t pour it back into the bottle, and throwing it down the drain is such a waste!  People are starving in some countries, musn’t waste!  Excuse me, I’m still chewing that last quarter of a meal per child that they left on their plate.  No use saving and reheating, the kids won’t eat it and it’ll be pretty unappetizing by then.  In this economy, you just shouldn’t waste good food.

Now, where was I?  Oh yeah, I’ve got no idea why I’m not losing weight – I’m doing everything right!!

Wait.  What?




Heh heh 🙂

So then I tried just eating very very tiny portions and waiting to eat more when the kids were finally done, but it takes so long while they dawdle at the table and it seems as though having Mommy staring at their food like a lioness eyeing a plump wildebeest is kind of off-putting for juvenile appetites.

Who knew?

So I tried waiting to eat until the kids were done eating, but it’s so boooooooring sitting at the table…and then we still have the hungry lioness effect.  Hmmm…..maybe I’d better go do something else in the meantime….and there goes family bonding/social time over meals.


Ya know, it’s not a matter of appetite suppressants, it’s dealing with the issue of not wasting food.  Not wasting money.  We pack on so many 2nd-hand food pounds, and really we’d much rather prefer eating fresh, hot, un-drooled-over, un-halfway-chewed food.

How do some of you deal with this?  Please leave a comment below 🙂

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