Water Water Everywhere (and not a drop to drink!)

Morton Salt Girl

Well, it’s been fun times over here at casa TwiceBlessedLife!  First we had a leak in the basement, which still hasn’t been fixed two weeks later and things are taking on a decidedly ripe odor down there, that I’m worried will start wafting in to our floor of the building.  Next, Masa started taking a shower and funnily enough, water started pouring though the ceiling light fixture in the living room!

Despite the complex manager sending over someone who took a few half-hearted pokes at the fixture, run the shower (which of course wouldn’t leak while he was there!) and pronouce everything just fine, the next day, the light fixture shorted out.

We’ve been told we’re in the queue for maintenance work orders, along with the a/c we wanted installed in the kids’ room.  But now we’ve got stuff safely tucked away (just in case someone decided to unleash another flood of Biblical proportions upon us) that we can’t use!

Woe is me! Woe! Woe! Woe!

Okay, pity party is over!

Just a few more weeks until school begins!  The girls are a little nervous about 2nd grade, and with Kindergarten and 1st grade being so homework-intensive, I’m a little worried, myself!

Hopefully this year though, both the girls will have actual teachers.  Last year, Zanna had a real teacher and Halle got stuck with a newbie who just kept teaching the same 5 lessons or so the entire year.  She called it “circling around”.  I was not impressed.  Especially after attending parent/teacher conferences and listening to her doublespeak all her answers and “circle around” with the same recycled rote phrases.  Then in extreme contrast, Zanna’s teacher, Mrs. K gave very direct answers to my concerns and showed me all the standard learning aids her students were using, like writing journals, poetry journals, 3 & 5 page history reports, etc.

Wanna guess if Halle’s teacher, Mrs. G had been using any of those?

If you guessed “NO!” then you’d be correct!

Wanna guess my opinion of Mrs. G’s “circling around” method?

If you guessed something like this:  crazy-sign-smiley-emoticon

you’d be correct once again.

So now when the girls study or do summer homework, I have to do it separately, so Halle won’t feel bad that Zanna is so much ahead of her in writing and other subjects.  She is catching up in reading, though, after we caught on that she would willingly read Scooby Doo comic books, so we bought a few of those and that helped a bit.

Then I noticed that if I left the closed-captioning on my kindle, that Halle didn’t turn it off when she watched a video.  I asked her and she confirmed that she’d read along with what the characters said!  Her reading improved a lot after that.

And her school has assured me that they’ve built a 40-minute “extra classes” into each school day this year, so those who need extra tutoring can go to that class and those who are in other activity programs can go to those, with no-one singled out.

Now we just have to get through the twins’ final summer swim classes and we’re all set for school!

(I won’t go into what I went through to get the girls their requested Disney Frozen backpack and Doc McStuffins backpack!)

Hope everyone is having a happy, healthy and safe summer! 😀

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