What’s Better? Real vs Fake – Times when going “Fake” is better than Real


My little girls (age 7) are desperate for a pet. Yet I only have to look at how they treat their plush animals to see how well that would turn out. Kids: 1, Critters: 0.

They wanted to help their plush ducky really fly – so they tied some yarn around its neck, flung the other end over the staircase bannister and voila! One flying fake ducky!

And the girls also have aspirations of becoming fashion designers, so they made all their plushies lovely outfits – and sewed the outfits onto them with one of my child-safe needles.  I’m not too convinced the girls actually really truly understand the difference between plush toys and real live animals, so until I see that proof, they’ll have to be content with those electronic pet gizmos.  At least if things go south with those, no-one’s really been hurt.

Children’s Clothes

Most small kids don’t really understand about designer labels on their clothing. However, it seems that they’re at the age when a lot of their classmates do. Even with my husband’s new job, paying those designer label prices isn’t something I’d like to do for more than special occasions, especially not for items that will end up irreparably stained, torn, frayed, etc., possibly on the first wearing!

So I head down to some local thriftstores and lookie here! Those same designer clothes in like-new condition for a small fraction of the price to buy the same thing at the mall! And when the girls come home with chocolate ice-cream all down their front, it won’t break our hearts or wallets, and anyone checking out our kids’ clothing labels or logos won’t know that we didn’t really lay out enough moola to require taking out a second mortgage!

Covering Up The Gray

Nope, my hair really isn’t the same lustrous brown it used to be 7 years ago (before my kids were born and I still retained some small smidgen of my sanity). But thanks to kindly folks who manufacture a plethora of hair-coloring options, I can still smile with pride during family photos without worrying about lens flare from my shining white/gray locks.  These days, though, I cycle through brown, purple, blue and green. (I always had a thing for Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts – especially Mercury!)

Check This Out

Here’s an infographic that lists some other occasions when it may be better to go “fake”, rather than the real McCoy!
24 Times When it was Better to Fake It
Graphic via Treetopia.

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1 thought on “What’s Better? Real vs Fake – Times when going “Fake” is better than Real

  1. So cute. Thanks for sharing!! “fake” pets are also necessary if anyone suffers from allergies. Stuffed animals might not be as exciting, but they’ll leave your nose much happier.

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