Global/World Peace Group Meditation/Prayer/Positive Intention Events

Considering the tragedy that has befallen France, I thought it might be a good idea to post all the current Global/World Peace group meditations/prayers/positive intentions events that I currently know of.  If you know of others, please add those in comments, or send them to me in an ask and I’ll post them, thanks! <3

Keep in mind that these may be scheduled for different time zones than yours, so you might want to google a time zone converter to find the time in your zone that the meditation/prayers/positive intentions will be.

Also, you may have different beliefs, but joining in with others for global positive thought/intention/meditation/prayer events can be only beneficial for us all, and especially for those suffering in Europe, so please spread the word.

To France, Europe and the World: May we all be better able to see our commonalities, rather than our differences. May we pour out Love and Light to all, so that all may live in peace. May we all be surrounded and embraced by kindness, respect and love, and may we actively express that everyday to those around us. <3

World/Global Meditations/Prayer Events:




and Here:

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