The Pursuit of Happiness vs. Reality Check

Being stuck in a rut is no fun, and sometimes our lives have made a whompingly huge detour from how we’d thought they’d go.  Sometimes we need a heckuva lot of ‘spring cleaning’ to sort out what needs to go and what needs to stay, in order to feel we’re living our lives well and making all the progress that we’d like to.
Recently, I’ve seen a lot of advice being given to just drop everything and head off in pursuit of greener pastures that “resonate” better with us than our current ‘Cinder-Ella’ circumstances.
But – (and you could almost smell the but coming, couldn’t you?*)
– Getting rid of all of the “non-resonating” “shoulds, musts and needs” isn’t always a feasible option when you are responsible for the care and upbringing of small children or other similar “anchors”.
In general there’s lots of good advice out there about finding your way, living your dream, seeking personal growth and exiting the matrix, but some of it just has to be filed under ‘nice in theory’, because we can’t always walk away from certain anchoring situations/people. Oh, of course we *could*, but the consequences might be ones that are even more unpalatable than if we hadn’t abdicated certain responsibilities. Sometimes a longer process is needed to facilitate the changing of our circumstances in a positive way so that we aren’t running after our bliss while trampling over vulnerable people to get there.
A lot of unnecessary stress has been experienced by many ascension-seekers who are encountering the ‘damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead’ line of thinking where experiences/relationships that were entered into are being labeled as the ‘torpedoes’, and they feel pressured to throw the baby out with the bathwater – and in some cases this may be an actual baby.
Everyone wants to ascend, sure, but there has to be a certain acknowledgment that some difficult things we encounter in our earthly life may be ones we pre-arranged to experience, or that we took on with free will. Detaching from those may need planning and taking steps in order to have healthy closure for all parties involved. Sometimes we do need to make more effort to find a balanced medium of ascension-seeking with external considerations.
Going within and doing what inner work may need to be done may also render the formerly unpalatable external situation to be something we later realize was not the ‘boogeyman’ we thought had been holding back our progress. It may have been ourselves holding back our own progress until we had a certain paradigm shift as a result of our own inner work.
Certainly, if we are in an abusive situation that we need to remove ourselves from, we should do that. That is an entirely different thing than what I’m talking about here.
And we’re not alone in making these decisions – Source has provided the entire universe to aid us in this. Angels, ascended masters, Source energy, guides/mentors and even folks on social media who are also on similar paths – any or all of these may have different perspectives or viewpoints that may be worth considering. The universe is designed to support us in whatever direction we want to go – negative or positive. If we are firm in our intentions then it will aid us on our path. If we seem to be stuck in a pattern of getting on a negative path, then yes, there is probably something we haven’t learned or paid proper attention to, in order to move forward.
But perhaps we needn’t go through so many repetitions of the same negative patterns if we just did a little more inner contemplation first, rather than mindless leaping and finding we’ve gone from the frying pan into the fire.
*Pun not intended, really! 😀
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