The times, they are a’changing!


I think that one of the most wondrous things about the human race is related to our Free Will.  We are not entirely predictable.  That means that neither the baddies out there, nor other voices purporting to be of the Light that claim that there is inescapable destruction lying ahead for us, can dependably count on humanity passively falling into their narrative and playing their assigned role in that declared destructive “future”, like sheep.

Sometimes it seems like those of the fear p0rn contingent and the “Light” contingent have this narrative that they seem to be inordinately fond of where humanity runs around like a chicken without a head, shrieking in fear, “through the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air” or disasters that are natural or otherwise and that all will descend into chaos and mass destruction, after which one side or the other will pick up the pieces of what’s left and rebuild over the ashes of mass, non-consensual sacrifice. And somehow that’s counted as a “win” and a “happy ending”, and inevitable.

Meanwhile all of that hooey (excremental thinking) seems to entirely discount the existence of actual feet on the ground Lightworkers, people of goodwill and peace, the Soul of Nature, the Fae, the Souls of the flora and fauna who also have incarnated on this planet at this time to aid us, and of course any extraterrestrials who can be bothered to get off their tushies and lend a hand for Peace and Love, rather than sit there in their high-tech lofty heights, passing the popcorn and enjoying the show, because hey, who cares if people die, they can just re-incarnate after ditching current meatsuits, right?

Pardon me while I regurgitate.

Nope, that narrative that it’s going to be chaos and destruction doesn’t resonate, doesn’t make sense and can be lumped in with those Georgia Guidestone fetishists as pretty idiotic now, considering the progress humanity is making in leaps and bounds to evolve, ascend, raise vibration, whatever you want to call it – we’re awakening and the Source of Love and Light is doing all that may be done to empower this progress.

So if any ET’s, baddies  or fear p0rn aficionados want to arrogantly stand in the way and block that progress because they think they know better than the Source of Light and Love, then that must be some pretty potent alien kool-aid they’ve been swilling.

Don’t count us out yet!  If faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains, then I think we’re exponentially becoming empowered to switch tracks to a more favorable destiny, regardless of how many ‘doom-sayers’ are looking forward to their predicted entertainment at Gaia’s and humanity’s expense.  Those negative nancys are better off finding their entertainment elsewhere because that particular show’s jumped the shark and been canceled most emphatically. We are now switching to a more positive program already in progress.


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