A couple of thoughts pertaining to Lightworkers…


Just a suggestion:

Anything coming out these days that seems a drastic departure from previous narrative, kinda out of the blue/left-field, seems like a ‘too good to be true’ used-car salesman’s pitch, or outright fear p0rn, and/or just doesn’t resonate, I’d suggest just politely ignoring it for about a week. Seems to take that much time for any ‘disinfo’ reveal to take place and for things to settle down. Sitting on it, taking a ‘wait & see for a week’ approach just may save a bit of stress and reduce loss of focus. In the meantime, I really don’t think anyone can go wrong with continuing meditation/prayer for Peace, Unity, Love and Light to prevail.


Another thought I had:

I think there’s a lot of dysfunctional energy and constipated emotions that have been repressed and oppressed and the influx of cosmic energy we’re getting bombarded with now is helping to release that on a planetary scale. All the unresolved stuff, all the stuff we’ve pushed down, not wanting to or not being allowed to deal with. Time’s up, it’s deal with it or hold ourselves back from moving into higher vibrational frequencies. Gaia is ascending and we either go with the flow or choose to remain in lower densities. The planet/universe is giving us all this boost out of sheepledom, helping us unplug from the matrix to be a part of the planetary upwards shift in consciousness. Contrary to some opinions, the process is not all fuzzy kittens, rainbow unicorns and sugar cookies. Just my opinion.

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