Silly Politicians, Governments Are For Kids!

Thumb War Politics

The existence of any government, or even just the need for government, is indicative of immaturity.  Imagine a deserted island.  A lone person is washed ashore.  Does that person need a government?  Do they need to rule over others or be ruled by others? No.  If they want to survive and prosper, they need to get of their tushy and work at it.  If they choose to sit on their tushy, they’ll perish.  They have free will to make that choice – to do as they see is the best fit for their personal situation.


Now let’s enlarge that a little – say it’s a family that landed on that island.  There is no one to rule over the parents, and the parents rule over the children in their immaturity until they too can stand on their own and provide for themselves.  But there is no dispute at this level over who owns what or has access to which resources.  No need for jealousy, envy, greed, or power.  So let’s expand the population to several families.  Again, the division of, or access to resources only becomes a point of contention when the immature are involved.

There is no problem that cannot be solved with with creativity, communication and compassion (the three C’s).

Whether the expression of that is manifested in human society within the framework of a commune or a co-op, or an intentional community, or something else, the need for government is avoided by mature people working together for the survival of all, expanding outward from the individual and the family.


Any points of contention that may arise can be easily solved by mature people applying the three C’s.  Even if we expand this to a town, or several towns, a country or several countries, government can be entirely done away with, if at every level of society it is emphasized that the practice of the three C’s is paramount, and that maturity is highly prized and encouraged to develop in the young.

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