Trees, Glorious Trees!

yoga treeCan you see the hidden image?
(Find the center)

My friend took this picture of the trees in our new backyard.

We’ve just finished moving and so far most everything is pretty great about the new place – except having to unpack everything we schlepped over here from the old place 😀

It’s been a bit of a juggling act, trying to get ready for the move, helping the kids with their summer homeschool assignments (to make up for the deficits in the regular school year – I think we’re getting closer to making the decision to eschew public school altogether.) and trying to give the kids and my visiting friend a fun-filled summer vacation. Whew! Mama is VERY tired!

I’ve fallen away from my regular meditation and chakra-clearing – hard to do when literally every 2 seconds I get interrupted by a little voice needing help to find something or the current livestock/range war we’ve got happening on the Minecraft frontier.

I’ve also fallen behind on the latest intel on the Shift and the upcoming Event. There are about 50 tabs open with various transcripts, reports, channelings, messages and articles, that I just even get a glimpse of and my head reels.

Honestly, all I want at this point is a good, long, uninterrupted NAP!!!

I feel like I’m doing quite a dismal job as a Lightworker, even though I’m trying like mad to release any and every negative form of energy that comes my way.  It seems as though in both the physical and the metaphysical, I’m spinning my wheels, expending a lot of energy but not seeming to be making much progress in the way of actually accomplishing something – like, getting confirmation/closure that something was accomplished.

The Event is drawing ever closer, the jump to 5D is nearly upon us and I sure don’t want myself or my family to get left behind, but…NAP!!!  So tired! So frazzled!  Where is the time when I can be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and able to work on my creative writing and art which is what my soul resonates with most? Isn’t this what I’m supposed to be doing to help spread the Light and embody the purpose that I incarnated for at this time?

School can’t begin soon enough!  Maybe once the little voices are occupied with something other than ‘Let’s pester Mama for…oh, never mind Mama, I found it! Mama – she STOLE my skeleton pig!!!’ (don’t ask, trust me, don’t even ask)…wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, maybe without the constant interruptions I can do more with the 4/5D and not be so enmeshed with the 3D.

Literally NONE of the multitude of articles, etc, mention anything about provisions being made for frantic, frazzled, overwhelmed and overworked mamas trying to do their best to do SOMETHING to aid the cause.  Nope, it’s all peace, love, zen and detatch from 3D and rest if you need to, to intergrate downloads/upgrades.

(*SNORT*) Yeah, right, uh-huh. (*SNICKER*) Sure, rest if I need it – yep, I’ll get right on that! (*LOL!!!*) Or maybe the yoga tree in our new backyard will have to stand-in and do it for me, I’ve got two kids in the kitchen about to do nefarious things with ripe peaches. (*shudder*).



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