Caution: Holiday Travel Ahead!

“Don’t drive after dark on a holiday, in fact – best not to drive at all on a holiday!”               – My Mom

Normally, we think that holidays and family road trips go together like cookies ‘n cream, like that song from Grease with the weird lyrics, and like chocolate with practically anything. That’s what I used to think, and felt my mother was being a tad over-reactive and worrying over nothing.

Until I experienced driving at dusk, on a holiday, down a one-way street – with a clearly inebriated guy in the other car that was barreling towards me from the wrong direction! And I had my kids in the car with me.  Luckily the other guy responded to my flashing my high-beams and realized he’d done an oopsie and pulled into a side-street before driving away.  And this wouldn’t be the only time I’d witness something similar.

At least two other times, I witnessed some bereft-of-brains, who-knows-how-many-brewskis-drunk driver going the wrong way down a one-way highway lane. One of those I called in to the highway police, while my husband drove us even more carefully than he was already doing. “Sure, we know about it,” the police stated. “We’ve gotten quite a few calls about that one and officers are on the way.”

A bit older and wiser, with experience under my belt, I’m less inclined to brush off my mother’s wisdom.  Now we make sure that if we need to travel on a holiday, we get it done before darkness falls if at all possible, and we keep a careful eye out for drivers who may have had a little too much liquid fun (among other kinds) at their own holiday celebration.

According to the National Safety Council’s data – about 405 traffic fatalities are expected for Labor Day Weekend, and about 30 million people will be driving to and from their Labor Day destinations, compared to the 2.5 million who’ll choose flying instead. Wow – 405 fatalities – and that’s not even counting other folks who may also be severely injured in those accidents!

Sure we want an awesome big blow-out Labor Day Weekend bash to close out the summer with (and to celebrate the kiddos going back to school – YAY!!!), we want to relax and take it easy, de-stress, unwind and let the good times roll – but as the infographic* below shows, those who party hearty don’t always make an effort to avoid intoxicated driving altogether by designating a sober driver or taking a taxi.

(We’ve also got Halloween coming up soon: October is the second-most deadly month in terms of car accidents! 70% of those happen at crosswalks or intersections, and 70% of the deaths and injuries to children ages 5-9 were from the littles running into the road. Keep a firm grip on your littles on Halloween, please!)

Please be safety-conscious while you’re out there this weekend and all holidays. Your holiday memories should be happy ones.


*Infographic supplied by Moms With Voices Media and

This is a sponsored post that I received compensation for from Moms With Voices Media.  All opinions expressed in the written text are my own and were not influenced by Moms With Voices Media or

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