Have You Done Your Research? Car seats! A Giveaway!

car toys - can't leave home without 'em!
car toys – can’t leave home without ’em!

If you’ve ever had to transport a baby or small child from Point A to Point B in a motor vehicle, they you are no doubt well-acquainted with the reams of research needed to pinpoint the safest car seat for your chosen price-point range.

Whether you decide on a well-known brand like Graco car seats, or any of the other manufacturers out there, you’ve probably spent hours scouring Consumer Reports, government safety regulation websites, or parent review sites or possibly even social media parenting groups focused on the subject.

car seat
OMG – it’s got cup-holders!

To make the chore a bit more exciting, I’ve been asked to host a sponsored** giveaway for a $50 USD gift certificate!

Method of entry is a piece of cake: Simply write a comment below with your favorite funny or disastrous child + car story! (If your child hasn’t been born yet, or you really don’t have any stories then simply let me know if you’ve ever seen a movie at a drive-in theater and what decade that was! – I saw my first drive-in movie in the 70’s 😀 )

Whether it’s a mention of how your children were talented in arching or bowing their backs to inhuman angles and then locking their body in that position so you absolutely could not buckle them in, or the relentless ear-splitting shrieks for repeated renditions of ‘Old MacDonald Has A Farm’ while you were trying to drive, or the revolting diaper fail that called for a haz-mat team to disinfect your car, we want to hear it! 😀

**RULES:  Just one entry per person, and a winner will be chosen randomly from all who comment.  Entry period ends 11/25/16 at 11:59pm and a winner will be chosen on 11/26/16. Winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hrs to respond before a backup winner will be chosen. This giveaway is a partnership with Nakturnal, with a prize of a $50 gift certificate.  Open to US residents, age 18+.

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97 thoughts on “Have You Done Your Research? Car seats! A Giveaway!

  1. My daghter blew out her diaper so badly that the poo filled up the car seat, and dripped down through the holes the the straps feed threw… on the first outing I ever attempted on my own with two kids. I cried!

  2. I asked my SIL to babysit one afternoon- she picked DS up from my house, where I put him into her car in his carseat. When I picked him up she admitted that she couldn’t get him OUT of his seat when she got home to her house. SO she simply took the entire seat out of the car and sat him in front of a movie (in his carseat) while I was out- then put him (and the carseat) back in the car and drove him back to me… next time I made sure to show her how to get him OUT of his carseat. lol.

  3. On my wedding day, my DD blew out her diaper and the poo dripped out the bottom of the carseat onto the table her carseat was resting on.

  4. My MIL was babysitting my son who was about 6 weeks old at the time. I picked him up and as I was putting the carrier/car seat in the back seat, I must have hit the automatic door lock… I ended up locking him in the running car along with my purse and the keys.

    I was hysterical but my MIL was calm and cool. She called the police and they arrived within minutes and were able to pop the lock open using a tool. My son was sleeping the entire time and never woke up.

  5. We were headed on a flight home and realized that our daughter had peed through her diaper while in her car seat in the rental car. I can still remember my husband tipping over the seat as we are rushing to get our plane and the urine dripping out of it.

  6. One day I was driving down the road and I hear WEEEEE!!!!!!!! And I turn back to see my daughter had unbuckled herself and was SWINGING from the handle that was above her door! I about DIED! I pulled over as quickly as I could to buckle her while trying not to laugh because it was indeed a serious situation!

  7. My son was a shopping victim on Black Friday. I shop with my Mom and my husband stays home with our son. A few years back my husband fed him strawberry pop tart (not allowed for a breakfast when I’m home. It my husband called it breakfast) then stopped where he bought him a chocolate milk on way to stand in line at Office Depot. Only to get out of the car and say he feels sick-takes 2 steps inside a vomits all over store entrance in the shopping rush erinnsluka@gmail

  8. I don’t remember ever going to a drive-in theater, although there are 3 of them in my area currently! Our Jeep friends like to go but I want a better sound/screen experience.

  9. When our son was about 2 years old, we were running errands in the car. He had some juice to drink and after a while, he threw up all over everything – his carseat, the car, himself, etc. I guess it was the first time he had thrown up because he told me, “Mommy, I did The Big Sneeze”.

  10. When my oldest was 3, he had a stomach bug and threw up alllll over the back seat of the car. The worst was that we had just eaten lunch at Captain D’s, so it was fried fish and milk vomit. 🙁 (I had no idea he had a stomach bug brewing else I’d never have taken him out to eat!!) Thank goodness for leather interior is all I can say. OMG it smelled SO bad.

  11. Let’s just say I have a 5 year old and an almost 2 year old. When I have to pull the car seats out of the car to clean it or to transfer them to another car.. it looks like a food truck exploded in the back seat. Two seconds after I put the car seats back in it seems like the car is a disaster again. I have a feeling if I don’t clean the car often like that, we will be over grown with food crumbs and toys!

  12. I don’t have a child car seat story, but I went to Drive-in movies as a youngster. I loved it. My BFF had a big brother in high school, and he would take us in his convertible.

  13. I’m the grammy and I can’t think of any significant grandchild and car stories. But I started going to the drive-in theater in the 50’s! (late 50’s) My father loved to go so even the year I was born he would pack up the family and we would go. It was a wonderful part of my life actually!

  14. Our most disastrous car story happened Halloween last year. Cleaning the yard, we were going to transfer pumpkins to a compost pile. We put them in the trunk of the car. Busy lives means forgotten things and the pumpkins were forgotten. When the odor or rotting pumpkins got our attention it was a mess! Jack-o-Lanterns looked deflated and were not pretty and orange anymore….and the smell was horrendous!

  15. When I was a kid, my dad let me pick out a candy… naturally, I picked gummi bears. While in the car, I ate the entire bag and got sick. I threw up all over the car and gummi bears were stuck in my hair and clothes. Although I don’t remember it, my dad does…and he still reminds me to this day.

  16. My daughter got car sick after eating a chocolate ice cream cone it was dripping down her,her car seat and the seat of the van. We didn’t get the smell out for a week !

  17. we were on the way to the beach and my LO threw up all over her carseat. it got in ever crevice and was so tough to clean out

  18. I don’t have any crazy stories yet. I love the drive-in though!! I remember seeing Conan there when I was little. I loved the candy machines there, they were the coolest!!

  19. Since my baby is on the way I will say that I saw my first Drive In movie in the 80’s in a huge theater in Paramus, NJ! I wish I could remember what the movie was, but it was definitely a family movie since I was with my parents!

  20. The first time I drove with both of my kids in the car by myself, I pulled over abour 4 times to just to make sure they were okay! Lol!

  21. I think long car rides help them loosen up and everything comes out. We live pretty far out, so just about every time we go visit someone our little girl fills her diaper and the car seat. I am so glad the covers are washable.

  22. we discovered our oldest had car sickness maybe when little brother was two weeks old… vomit everywhere. luckily it was less than a mile aaway from our house. props to dad tho he was on a man trip with my son 🙂

  23. I saw my first drive-in movie in 1956. My parents took all six of us to see The Ten Commandments. I was very very young and my Mom complained that I was asking too many questions.

  24. I use to love to take my kids to the drive in and my mom use to take us in the 70’s/80’s. We still have one functioning drive in during summer months but its in a not so good area.

  25. my parents loved to tell me the story growing up of me as a very young child in a carseat. I guess they had some old car, and had the seats down for some reason, so put me in there in my carseat but not belted in.
    Weird right? They love to tell how they rounded a corner and my carseat fell backwards while I cried ‘ daaaaaaddddyyyy’. Apparently I wasn’t hurt and they think it’s funny now.
    I just think of how nowadays parents would never take kids around unbelted!

  26. 20 years ago, car seats were not as sturdy as they are now. I was driving down the road one day and turned a corner and my daughter and car seat turned on it’s side. This went on all day! I finally got it to wear it would stay. Now I am expecting a grandchild and I know they are sturdier today!

  27. Our kids are 15 years apart so needless to change car seats, where they went in the car, and how to install them changed a lot. I had an early emergency delivery so my hubby was left to installing the new style car seat in the back seat of an SUV. He of course thought–I got this…well he had it alright till me made a turn and the car seat lifted up off the seat and turned almost all the way on it’s left side. Thank goodness the baby was buckled in right. And yes, I really miss drive in movies—they were the best growing up.

  28. It has always been rather entertaining with my twin girls!! They are always fighting with each other in the back seat or trying to figure out how to get into the back of our suv!! It has always been something on each of our car trips!!

  29. My youngest had an incredible knack for vomiting in her car seat 15 minutes into a drive. So gross. Thankfully she is old enough to give me a little warning these days and we ALWAYS carry something to catch ‘it’ in the car.

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