Have You Done Your Research? Car seats! A Giveaway!

car toys - can't leave home without 'em!
car toys – can’t leave home without ’em!

If you’ve ever had to transport a baby or small child from Point A to Point B in a motor vehicle, they you are no doubt well-acquainted with the reams of research needed to pinpoint the safest car seat for your chosen price-point range.

Whether you decide on a well-known brand like Graco car seats, or any of the other manufacturers out there, you’ve probably spent hours scouring Consumer Reports, government safety regulation websites, or parent review sites or possibly even social media parenting groups focused on the subject.

car seat
OMG – it’s got cup-holders!

To make the chore a bit more exciting, I’ve been asked to host a sponsored** giveaway for a $50 USD gift certificate!

Method of entry is a piece of cake: Simply write a comment below with your favorite funny or disastrous child + car story! (If your child hasn’t been born yet, or you really don’t have any stories then simply let me know if you’ve ever seen a movie at a drive-in theater and what decade that was! – I saw my first drive-in movie in the 70’s 😀 )

Whether it’s a mention of how your children were talented in arching or bowing their backs to inhuman angles and then locking their body in that position so you absolutely could not buckle them in, or the relentless ear-splitting shrieks for repeated renditions of ‘Old MacDonald Has A Farm’ while you were trying to drive, or the revolting diaper fail that called for a haz-mat team to disinfect your car, we want to hear it! 😀

**RULES:  Just one entry per person, and a winner will be chosen randomly from all who comment.  Entry period ends 11/25/16 at 11:59pm and a winner will be chosen on 11/26/16. Winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hrs to respond before a backup winner will be chosen. This giveaway is a partnership with Nakturnal, with a prize of a $50 gift certificate.  Open to US residents, age 18+.

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97 thoughts on “Have You Done Your Research? Car seats! A Giveaway!

  1. When my oldest child was 3, we took a trip and stayed at a hotel. He got very sick on that trip, and when we were driving around in the rental car, he threw up all over the back seat. It was pretty horrifying.

  2. My daughter managed to grab a carton of eggs out of a grocery bag and before I could get them away from her, broke several all over herself and her car seat. It was definitely a challenging clean up!

  3. We call our son Houdini because he can get out of the car seat in 5 seconds flat infact for a while I had to ride in the back with him to make sure he did not unhook himself.

  4. $50 Gift Certificate for what exactly? What website? Or is it a $50 gift card, like a visa gift card???

    mysticbutterfly37 at yahoo.com

  5. We were returning home from a car trip, my 1-yr old started screaming like crazy, and vomited all over herself in the car seat. Reason? We found out it was because she refused to poop while sitting in her seat. We stopped at the nearest fast-food joint so I could take her in to get her cleaned up. She smelled, we smelled, the car smelled.

  6. I have 3 kids, 2 in carseats sitting next to each other. One time at the beginning of a long road trip my younger daughter managed to open her bottle and dump it on her older sister who was sleeping!! It put a big delay on our trip!!

  7. We had plan to attend a Christmas festival and my sister drove out to our house first. Right before they arrived my niece started vomiting. My husband hosed the car seat off outside while we have my niece a bath. My sister forgot a spare outfit so luckily I had bought my niece an outfit for Christmas so we opened the gift and dressed her in it. The car smelled like spoiled milk for quite a while.

  8. My child hasn’t been born yet, so I don’t have any good stories. I also have never been to a drive in! I would love to find an old one to go to though 🙂

  9. My husband gave my daughter chocolate one day. When I turned to look at her a few minutes later I saw she was covered in chocolate from head to toe. Her face was almost solid chocolate we laughed so much and even took pictures. However, cleaning her car seat was not fun.

  10. i have a story about my brother,,my dad used to have to take him for a ride in the car to make him sleep as he was hypeactive and it seemed the best way when he was young.

  11. We went to a drive in movie when we were younger. I think we saw a cartoon, and I remember it being so fun to watch a movie in the car with snacks. I haven’t been to one since.

  12. There is a drive-in theater by my grandparent’s house. They took me and my brother to see a show when I was little for my birthday. There is still one working one that is popular within an hour drive from my house.

  13. We have a drive-in theater near us, that shows both new and older films. The first movie I saw there was Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  14. My youngest son was too funny when I would buckle him into his car seat. Every time while I was leaning over to fasten the belt he would exclaim “oh, mommy, your armpits smell so good!”. Made me giggle and still does!

  15. I have indeed been to a drive-in movie many times back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. One sign that I was getting older was that I found it uncomfortable instead of exciting. I always love the snack bar though.

  16. My first drive in movie was in the 80’s and I just went this last summer. We are fortunate to have 2 left in the state and one of them is 20 miles away.

  17. My oldest was 2 years, and the youngest 9 months. I had to pay the taxes, and the office was in with the police department. The only parking space left was outside the police department. After paying the bill, I buckled both kids upgrade, threw my purse in the car and proceeded to to walk around to get in. My little one thought it’d be funny to lock the doors with me outside. Yea, I had to explain to the police why I needed to use their phone and promising this will never happen again.

  18. We were given our in-laws used mini van and I let my kids put stickers on the windows by their cat seats. The sticker covered rear windows were how our old Previa was recognized in the neighborhood, as in “Oh I knew you were here because I saw all the stickers on the window”.

  19. My husband hit a deer when my son was 2 1/2. He was in his car seat in the back seat of the Kia mini van, and the deer ran into the opposite side. Glass everywhere…not only did he not get cut, he didn’t cry at all. Unfortunately, he had nightmares that deer were trying to eat him until he was about 4, though.

  20. I was remember struggling to drop my oldest off at school. I was visibly pregnant with our third, was carrying the infant I babysat in its car seat, and in the other hand was my six month old in his infant car seat. I dreaded dropping off for school because it was such a struggle to get into the school!

  21. When my kids were younger, we took a lot of road trips. On one trip back home from Great Grandma’s, my youngest got sick. It was one of those situations where it was EVERYWHERE! In every corner of my backseat and all over the carseat. I was so happy to get home and even happier that the carseat had a cover that could come right off and be cleaned. lol. I was happy it was warm, without the windows down, we might have all gotten sick. lol.

  22. It isn’t my story but a friend of mine had to cancel her son’s tubes surgery because he fished a goldfish out of his car seat and ate it and you aren’t allowed to eat anything (even one car seat goldfish) beforehand

  23. We were 5 minutes into a 3-hour drive, and my kid threw up over and over. We went home, I cleaned up, and we had to stay home!

  24. I gave my daughter an applesauce pouch in her car seat. She had never made a mess with one before. But there’s a first time for everything! apple sauce in every nook and cranny on her seat!

  25. I just laugh at the moments when I’m driving with your baby in the back rocking out to If You’re Happy and You Know It, and I stop at a red light before I realize my car window is down and other people are staring at me. Lol, at least I think my little one is having fun, too!

  26. I have seen a movie at a drive in this year actually. We’ve still got a working one in our town. It’s great when you have babies. You don’t have to worry about them interrupting the other guests in the theatre with their cries.

  27. On the way to Pittsburgh my now 8 year old had explosive runs all over the seat. I think I used half a pack of wipes cleaning it up at a rest stop.

  28. Our son was the typical squirmy 3 yo and we were driving down the road when we here from the back seat “hep me hep me I stuck I stuck” (he couldnt quite get L’s down just right) …I look into the back to see his arm up through his seat belt stuck in front of his face…he had himself in a bit of a hang up…we pulled over got him free immediately…to this day still not sure how he did it but we still laugh every time we share the story

  29. I don’t have a car seat story. Sorry! When I was kid in the 80’s we would always go to the drive-in. I remember seeing the live action “Flintstones.” I think it was a double feature with “Jurassic Park.” It was awful!! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  30. There’s nothing too horrible – we just live 90 miles from town, so whenever we go, it’s a long trip. We’ve had plenty of time with the baby screaming, the toddler needing to pee and the snacks spilled all over the car!

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