Tis Time, Tis Time For Xmas Cards! A Holiday Card Giveaway!


One of my favorite winter holiday traditions is the giving (and hopefully receiving) of xmas cards.  Whether your holiday greetings are for Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Festivus, Solstice, or the upcoming New Year, there most likely is a card for that.

Increasingly though, eco-conscious folks are swapping out their paper (aka dead tree) cards for spiffy new online versions!

I’ve been asked to host a giveaway for a very forward-thinking stationary website that in addition to its traditional paper offerings, also has some absolutely lovely online greeting cards as well! Paperlesspost .com!

Just a few quick minutes of clicking and I was ready to go with this whimsical online card for 8 coins per recipient (I added some fancy backdrops, fancy virtual envelope options and a reply card that are not shown here) 😀


They also have online versions of photo cards as well!

To make the giving of holiday cards even more exciting, I’m hosting a sponsored** giveaway for a prize of 1000 coins from Paperless Post! ($90 USD ARV)

Method of entry is a piece of cake: Simply write a comment below with your favorite holiday story! Touching, hilarious, shocking – let’s hear it! 😀

My own favorite story is the tale of the Great Rice Pudding Massacre!😀

Way back over a decade ago, I lived in Japan and decided to host a potluck holiday party for my ESL students. My husband had just finished his third go-round of wiping and mopping our dining room floor when disaster struck!  I had just taken a rather large tray of rice pudding out of our mini-oven (Japan usually doesn’t have either baking ovens or rice pudding!) and set it on top of the oven to cool while I finished stirring a pot on the range. While my back was turned, the ENTIRE TRAY of rice pudding slipped off and fell – SPLAT!!! – face down on the floor!  We madly scooped it back into the tray, sprinkled it with more cinnamon and re-wiped the floor just before our first guest rang the doorbell! I was mildly concerned that someone would find something weird in it, but that was very unlikely considering how thoroughly my husband had cleaned the floor beforehand. 😀

**RULES:  Just one entry per person, and a winner will be chosen randomly from all who comment.  Entry period ends 11/28/16 at 11:59pm and a winner will be chosen on 11/29/16. Winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hrs to respond before a backup winner will be chosen. This giveaway is a partnership with Nakturnal, with a prize of 1000 coins for Paperless Post ($90USD ARV).  Open to US residents, age 18+.


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26 thoughts on “Tis Time, Tis Time For Xmas Cards! A Holiday Card Giveaway!

  1. My funny holiday story happened at Easter. I volunteered to host an Easter egg hunt as we have woods behind our house. An hour before the guest arrived, I put the eggs filled with candy out. Once the guest arrived, the kids went looking. They couldn’t find any filled eggs, only empty eggs and wrappers. Seems the squirrels found and ate them all.

  2. My favorite memory is opening my stockings early on Christmas morning. Somehow my Mom always beat us awake and had the lights on and breakfast ready.

  3. My favorite holiday story is when my mother and grandfather decided to convince my brothers and I that Santa was at our house. We were at the age of doubting his existence so my grandfather got his hands on several loud horse saddles that had bells attached. He hid in the woods for about an hour waiting for us to come home on Christmas Eve. We heard the loud bells ringing after we got out of our car and headed into our house. My brothers and I went around telling the story of hearing Santa’s sleigh that night. I didn’t know the truth until I was an adult.

  4. My brother received a remote control car for Christmas, and as he was playing with it, I ended up stepping on it trying to get to my presents. It didn’t break, but it was pretty hilarious.

  5. There used to be a commercial on TV about a little girl who got a ridiculous amount of gifts for Christmas. Her dad was shocked and asked her what kind of cookies she left for Santa. She replied “I didn’t leave him cookies. I left him cheese!” As a kid, I thought this was obvious advice. My sister and I decided to leave cheese for Santa Claus that year. My mom worked hard and gave us an extra big Christmas. It was just a coincidence, but my sister and I were convinced that the cheese thing actually worked.

  6. These were not funny at the time but it seems like each year we have a Christmas tree calamity. One year, it’s the dog……the next- it’s the cat. One year- it was my grandfather.

  7. My crazy holiday story is about a cheesecake. I was making a raspberry cheesecake and it was done. I tried to take it out of the oven but it fell on the floor and got EVERYWHERE. Stove, cupboards, drawers, floor. I’m still finding spots. Still. LOL kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  8. First time hosting Thanksgiving and my judgey, germaphobe mother-in-law was coming, just for extra pressure points. The cat and dog, working together, somehow managed to get the raw turkey off the counter and drag it behind the couch, where they were happily chewing and licking it. Panicked, I threw an afghan over it, sneaked it back into the kitchen, and hosed it off, but one leg was gnawed beyond redemption. I removed that leg, cooked the turkey — no other options at that point, every store was closed — and feigned boldfaced surprise about the missing leg, which was much discussed at the dinner table. Consensus was that the turkey had suffered some sort of injury on the farm. I’ve never told anyone this story.

  9. We once traveled cross-country with a car full of kids to see extended family.
    It was crazy and not sure if I could handle that again!

  10. My favorite holiday story is realizing that all these years I’ve heard kids will play with the boxes after unwrapping Christmas presents instead of playing with their toys. My daughter’s second Christmas proved it to be true. It also gave me my favorite picture! He dad cut “arms” out of a tall box and removed both ends and she “wore” it. Looked like a little robot!

  11. My favorite holiday story is when my husband proposed to me on Christmas Eve, 23 yrs. ago at our family Christmas gathering. It was priceless and very special. It mean’t sooo much to me and made me sooo happy.

  12. We watch White Christmas every year while putting up the tree. My mom started this and when my husband heard about it, he made sure we had the DVD and watched it when we put up our tree.

  13. My brother, sister and could not wait every year to make ornaments for the tree and to string popcorn and cranberries..

  14. On one of our first Christmas’s together, my husband’s labrador retriever knocked a bunch of glass ornaments off the tree and onto the hardwood floor and he dug into several of the presents! Some of the presents were salvageable, but some had to be replaced. That dog was rotten!

  15. The time my husband’s family invited us to their home. My mother in law decorated everything in Christmas themed snoopy paraphernalia. Everything

  16. When we were engaged, his parents came to visit with their little dog. We cooked a spaghetti dinner for them. As I was carrying the filled plates to the table, the little dog darted under my feel. I stopped suddenly, the plate tilted, and spaghetti covered the little dog. It was not the best dinner ever.

  17. My favorite holiday story is when my now-husband gave me a refrigerator box that had many boxes inside of it down to a small box that contained a diamond ring and marriage proposal – almost 20 years ago!

  18. The last time we took a group kids photo, it took over 100 tries to get a somewhat reasonable picture out of it. The one we chose had our 2 year old pictured, trying to escape out of his siblings laps.

  19. My biggest memory was the year we all got cabbage patch dolls. Both my sisters got ones that looked like them, matching hair and eye color. I got a bald doll with an ugly outfit and I was so sad. It’s so silly looking back, but I was so sad at the time.

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