Snapology Lego Holiday Giveaway! (Have you heard about this inclusive new S.T.E.M. Kids Franchise?)

Happy Holidays everyone!

I’m hosting a LEGO® Giveaway today!   One lucky reader will win a LEGO® brick set of the Snapology Mascot Sebastian Gator (for kids 6 +)!

Snapology Mascot Sebastian Gator

Have you heard about the fun at Snapology yet?  It’s a cool new S.T.E.M. kids franchise company that has S.T.E.M. classes from ages 1-14, hosts S.T.E.M. birthday parties, summer camps and a whole lot more!

I think we’ve all had our fill of our kids bouncing their brains out at birthday party after birthday party at an endless stream of bouncy house and trampoline-filled warehouses.  Here’s a chance for them to use their brains instead!

And here’s the part that I love MOST!!!

All of Snapology’s programs are INCLUSIVE.

From Snapology’s website:

Our teachers are trained in how to create a safe, non-judgmental environment for your child to thrive.  TSS, Aides or other supportive assistants are welcome to attend with any child who benefits from 1-1 guidance.

We welcome children with EXTRA NEEDS in any Snapology Program. In addition, we offer these 3 fun programs to help your child engage in educational play and develop social skills.

Adaptive Play Time

Adaptive Play-Time

Snapology invites parents to bring their children with extra needs to play in our center in a private, non-judgmental, encouraging environment. During these times, Snapology will typically be closed to the general public, allowing children and their family members to play freely in a supportive and fun atmosphere.During Adaptive Play-Time, parents can feel free to conduct therapy, work on specific goals for their children or just simply let them play and make new friends. Feel free to call ahead to ensure we can provide the best experience for your child. Pre-registration is required.

Bricks and Buddies

Bricks & Buddies

Join us during scheduled Bricks & Buddies time and we’ll take care of the rest. Help your child build awesome creations and lasting new friendships. Every child will be paired with a teen or preteen to help guide, support and build a friendship.  The program is designed for children special needs to have the opportunity to participate in one of our classes or engage in creative play with the help from a new buddy.  Your child and their buddy will walk away feeling confident, supported and be able to take these friendships beyond just the Snapology.

snapology connections


Snapology‘s CONNECTIONS program creatively uses LEGO® bricks as the mechanism for children to interact with one another. These programs are open to any child needing a boost in social skill development (including typical children and children with special needs). TSS or Aides welcome. All programs are in a small group setting with a behavioral health consultant present. See our schedule for dates/times.
> Format: 4 weekly 1-hour classes
> Age Groups:  Ages 3-5 & Ages 6-14

Here are some other articles about special needs children and STEM:

How special needs students can benefit from STEM education

Q&A: How Can We Increase STEM Opportunities for Special Needs Students?

This giveaway runs from 12/25/17 to 1/5/18, open to US residents ages 18+. Winner will be chosen randomly. The prize will be shipped directly to the winner.

Snapology Mascot Sebastian Gator
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*All text in italics was taken from Snapology’s website.

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150 thoughts on “Snapology Lego Holiday Giveaway! (Have you heard about this inclusive new S.T.E.M. Kids Franchise?)

  1. This year my hubby bought me an entire day at the spa for Christmas. I have to say that is probably the best gift because I get to feel pampered!

  2. The best gift I ever got was a cupcake, and she even sang me happy birthday.. [Believe me, it was about the girlfriend – not the cake. :P]

  3. Regarding the gift guide, I really loved those rainbow ears, until I looked at her shop’s policies.. Did you even read those?

  4. My stepdad made a book of all his life as a child in Italy and personalized it for all of his children. That was the most heartfelt gift that I received.

  5. The best gift ever for me was the tissue paper covered Folgers Can filled with cookies my two year old daughter made at daycare with a lot of help.

  6. My husband bought me a charm bracelet to replace the one I lost from when I was in college. He manage to find one of the exact charms that I had on it.

  7. the best gift I have ever been given is my son Sebastian I was told I could not have any more children.. the oldest are 30 and 26 sebastian is now 6 he is the light of my life best gift I was ever given!

  8. I’ve been lucky to have received many great gifts. If I have to choose one it would be a pancake with a face made of carrots, pickles, and pepperoni that my kids made me for breakfast one Mother’s Day. YES, I ate it. They stood there watching 🙂

  9. A set of wedding bands! I lost mine shortly after we were married. Many years later my husband bought me a new set for Christmas. It meant so much because we had been through a really rough year and I knew it was his way of saying he was dedicated through thick and thin!

  10. A coworker bought me a scrap booking tote filled with office supplies for Christmas one year. She knew my love for all things quirky to use in the office to make you smile. It was one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received.

  11. The best gift I ever received, that I can remember, would be a ring from my sister. All three of us have the same one with our birthstone on it.

  12. My husband and kiddos made me a giant cardboard card for Valentines day. It has pictures pasted on and lots of hand drawn art. I love it so much!

  13. The best gift I ever got was my first born. He was born right before Christmas so I always tell everyone that he was my best Christmas present ever. Still is.

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