Self Care Is Not An Option – It’s Your Right To Say ‘No’ To Toxic People

Reinforce your boundaries and borders and your belief that it is entirely appropriate for you to have those. It is not selfish. You deserve to have those. Meditate on having confidence in your right to say ‘No’ to things/people.
Building up your foundations of self-preservation and self-empowerment should give you a boost in well-being, energy and overall life-balance/satisfaction. It should also boost your confidence in disengaging from toxic people/situations.
Choose one thing each day to do for you, externally and internally. You deserve it, you need it, it is healthy. It is not optional to practice self-care.
Right now, the number one priority is allowing yourself your inalienable right to say ‘No’ and the right to insist that your feelings, your needs are entirely valid.
If others can’t/won’t respect that, you don’t owe them explanations (They actually do know you have these rights but they get a kick out of watching you flail and exhaust yourself explaining this to them. It’s just more energy/power they can suck out of you, more control they have over you), so just walk away.
Your energy is better spent on you. <3 hugs <3
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