We’re CREATEive BEings!

I’ve seen comments here and there on websites and social media and in real life, where folks are expressing a desire for vengeance toward the ones who harmed Gaia and humanity/others. I understand that folks wanting vengeance are very wounded and traumatized and horrified at what has been done to others and themselves/their families.

But it is still wanting to do harm to other living beings. Those harmful beings who hurt others will be removed from society, from power, will be evaluated and judged and will receive consequences. Maybe recycled to Source, maybe put in a rehabilitation/redemption program, maybe shipped off somewhere. But I very much doubt that they will receive the sadistic treatment they inflicted on others.
I don’t mind that, I just want them GONE. Removed from power, removed from any contact with children. Just take them away and keep them away and powerless. I think that’s good enough.

Requesting vengeance or ill-treatment for them may lower our own vibration. I don’t make excuses for them, I don’t say that them becoming whistleblowers erases the harm they did, maybe some were blackmailed with threats toward their family or themselves. Those are the ones that maybe can be redeemed. But the ones that chose to go dark because it brought them fame/power/money, the ones that chose to go dark because they used the excuse that they were harmed so it justified them harming others – those are inexcusable. I am sure there will be consequences for them that do not put innocent people at risk and do not have the dark ones still walk among society.

But I think it is toxic to ourselves if we think or desire harm towards them.

I am not judging anyone by saying this, I am concerned for our precious Lightworkers and Lightwarriors to not be harmed further by thoughts/desire for vengeance.

Hopefully the advanced tech/NESARA will bring great relief to everyone, and healing can take place and we will have better things to concern ourselves with, such as enjoying life without the obstacles we previously had to deal with. Imagine a world with free energy, abundant water/food, 3D printing that can even make shelters/material goods, no need for a suffering job to avoid starvation/homelessness. One could travel around the world for free and explore and do what one loves without consideration of financial survival.

All the art and music and performance that will spring forth! At first we may choose to tell our stories of hardship, of our process of healing or redemption, but eventually the expressions of joy, of admiration of Creation, will flow. For what we are, what we are made of, the very, very core of our existence is that we are CREATEors!

We CREATE, we are the melody-makers and we are the dreamers of dreams which we manifest into reality! Please look forward to that and start imagining the possibilities! The universe is a giant wish-fulfillment machine and we supply it with the programming – envision a joyous world of abundance and good fellowship and exploration and CREATEive endeavors!

It will surely come, and we are about to see that come into being very, very soon! We should start now with our dreaming and our envisioning and our CREATEivity. It is a better way to use our time/energy.

Blessings of Love and Light to you all!

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3 thoughts on “We’re CREATEive BEings!

  1. Thanks for writing on this topic. I believe that the day will be coming soon when all those harmful people will be filtered from society and we’ll be having a better world to live in.

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