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A Non-Stop Whirligig of Mama


Have you ever seen a plate-spinner show at a carnival or county fair? The kind with a poor schmuck who carefully balances some plates atop some sticks, gives the plates a spin and then spends the rest of the time running madly back and forth, trying to keep all those plates aloft without them crashing to the ground.  Inevitably, he’s gasping for air, struggling mightily back and forth to give wobbling plates another spin, and practically passing out from exhaustion by the time the final plate’s shattered on the ground.

Welcome to my life this past week…month… 😀

For the past six weeks, I’ve been prepping one of my twins (the homeschooled one) for a placement test (this past week) to get her back into public school.  She finally aged out of the *cough* horrible *cough* elementary school in our district and can move up to the next level of school where it seems the administrative staff actually have functioning human souls.

If they hadn’t been so darn nice when I attended orientation night for my other twin, I wouldn’t have even considered it as a possibility.  But they were VERY nice and willing to work with us on transitioning her back to public school.  The only snag was that since I’d been focusing on going the homeschooling route, we’d used a Waldorf School-based accredited curriculum, which was dandy, however it was not Common Core (ugh – shudder). So in the six weeks before her placement test, we had to cram a bunch of common crap…er…core.  Khan Academy was a great help, but not quite enough.

She really loathed the process and I wasn’t a big fan myself.  But by the end of it, we think she probably did pretty well on the test…for the parts of it she wasn’t horrifically bored by.

You’re probably wondering why the heck we’re even considering putting her back in public school since we obviously are cognizant of common crap’s…er…core’s epic failings.  It’s because I do much better at being “Mama” than “teacher”.  I’ve got a kid that LOVES art, creative writing, poetry, science, and absolutely loathes and detests common core math (although if she bothers to pay attention to it she’s actually rather good at it) and she could give a rat’s patootie for anything else that’s non-fine-arts or science.  This does not make for a comfortable educational experience.

But her twin’s getting all kinds of assemblies and class parties and access to clubs that she’s been left out of (with the exception of a one-day Shakespeare for kids event that I harassed the organizing teacher into letting her participate in, as public school folks usually tend to treat homeschooled children as though they are on par with roaches.), and while she’s had ample socialization (YES HOMESCHOOLERS HAVE ACCESS TO SOCIALIZATION!!!) most of the neighborhood kids have school experiences in common that she’s been left out of (due to the school’s own epic failures at curbing bullying which necessitated our switching her to homeschool this year, though I give massive kudos to her twin’s teacher who made great efforts to deal with bullying that threatened her students).

And while I’ve been homeschooling my child, I haven’t been able to do a thing with my own writing and art.  I don’t regret basically putting my life on hold for a year, my child’s worth it, but I need some me-time, just out of self-preservation. 😀

Then, while we’ve been prepping, my best friend came for a visit about a week ago and a few other things popped up since then that had me running from plate to plate, trying to keep everything in the air.

Also last week, I went to a totally AWESOME 2-day blogger convention and toy expo called Blogger Bash / Sweet Suite, and I’ve been getting my WishStones business off the ground and I’ve got a limited window of opportunity to produce enough WishStones to last me the entire year before the weather turns too cold and wet to make those outside (can’t do it inside, not enough ventilation).

And then there’s the missing 7 or so chapters of the book I’m writing that I wanted to have a 1st draft ready by end of August so I could pitch it to any publishers/agents at a sci-fi convention I’m planning on going to.

And all the follow up with brand reps I met at the Blogger Bash convention.

And general mommy-ing all the while.

Ya know, it’s pretty rude to roll around the floor, laughing your butt off at me, like that. 😀  I totally could have really managed all of that…really. In some alternate universe where I had a time-machine, and a cooperative ‘me’ from another dimension willing and able to help me out…and if I sprouted six more arms and legs…and maybe hired a couple people…

So, I’m a pretty tired mama, right about now. 😀

And things don’t look to be letting up anytime soon.

Wrestling With My Inner Demons :D

cat 1

I’ve actually been pretty busy the past several months, but none of that managed to make it into my blog. The reason for that? I’ve been fraught with anxiety over it all.

However, it’s all good stuff!  I’ve started a YouTube channel for my geeky culture videos, I’ve begun a local Geeky Grown-Up club and gotten the library to sponsor it, I’ve begun this year’s production of my WishStones (orgonite), and had my first-ever sale of those which went far better than I expected, and I’m back to working on my urban fantasy novel trilogy.

But the reason I’ve slowed down on my blog, my videos, my orgonite-making, my book-writing is all the same – I’m scared to bits, totally anxious over any and all of it and it’s gotten me practically paralysed with fear.

Totally not of the fun-ness.

All of my endeavors, including this blog, have to do, in some way, with putting myself out there, making myself vulnerable, opening my self – my best and most precious inner parts of me – up for rejection and disaster.

I’m scared to fail, I’m scared to be criticized, I’m scared to be rejected, to be thought foolish, to be ridiculed, to be dismissed as a nut or weirdo.

And I’m scared to succeed – because what happens then? Consistency is not my strong point, neither is organization, and if I try to make anything into any kind of consistent endeavor, I’m scared I’ll muck it up, it’ll be  a disaster, I’ll get cheated, I’ll fail to fill orders, scared quality will go down with repetition, scared that I’ll have to deal with SPREADSHEETS!!!! AAUUGGHH!!!! (I positively loathe spreadsheets!) It’ll all be a confusing, bewildering mass of overwhelming disorganization and I’ll be feeling all kinds of terrified and chaos and there’ll be a rain of toads somewhere in there as well!cat 3

What if I make mistakes? What if people just look pityingly at me and condescendingly tell me that I just don’t belong among others who are far more ‘with it’ and ‘put together’ and ‘professional’ and far, far better at doing things than I can ever hope to be?

Am I completely freakin’ nuts to ever think I could be good at anything? I just want to hide under the covers with lots of plump pillows and my plush critters. Go away, world! Lara is busy hiding until everything packs up and goes away!

So yeah, scariness and anxiety.

But ya know – I don’t want to live like that. I don’t want these self-limiting feels to hold me down, and it’s the scariest thing in the world (and I’m sniffling back mucus and wiping tears as I write this post), but I know what I want in my life, I know how I want my dreams to come true and instead of waiting for a fairy godmother to come and wave her wand and do it for me (’cause it would still be me, at the end, living in that life, fears included if I don’t manage to beat ’em before then) so I’ve decided to not let myself get in the way of myself getting what I want.

So I’ve re-started editing the video I shot the footage for back in May, I’ve gotten back to work on my book again, and I’ve set up that Geeky Grown-Up club (20 or so members so far and we haven’t even had our first meeting), and I had that WishStone sale, and I’ve started making more WishStones.  And I’m so, so, so freakin’ scared while I’m doing it all, but I’m doing it anyway! (Except I’m careful to not be all stressed when I’m making the WishStones, because that messes them up,. I can manage to be calm in those moments because it’s really fun to make them :D)!  And I’ll be going to a blogger convention in a few days where there’ll be loads of other people that will likely be better dressed, more poised, more savvy and generally more everything than my own personal hot mess of a self.

I figure that eventually, the fear will give up and go away as long as I keep moving forward doing what I want.  When I go for it and the sky doesn’t fall, and I can positively manifest the experiences I want to have and my worries are proven to be unfounded, I figure those worries will dissipate.

So if you happen to stumble across me somewhere, curled up in a fetal position, whimpering and having a stress-moment, don’t worry, I’ll be ok.  I’ll get back up on the horse (not a real horse – I’m acrophobic and horses are way high up there) and get back to whatever it was that I was 2

But hugs are always appreciated. And if you need a hug too, I’ll be happy to oblige – as long as you’ve got a reasonable minimum of good personal hygiene and don’t get grope-y. 😀

We’re all going to have our dreams come true, we just have to keep plugging away at it and it’ll happen, I just know it! 😀

We scaredy cats can succeed at getting our happy-ish endings too! 😀

happy kitty

GeekerJoy1- Episode 3: @adagioteas Fandom Tea Blends Review & Giveaway

In this video, I do a review of 5 different fandom-themed tea blends provided by and announce the winner of the Star Trek Chibi giveaway from my previous episode.

Also in this episode, a new giveaway for a $10 gift certificate from (sponsored by me :D) is announced!

$10 Gift Certificate Giveaway Rules:
1) Must subscribe to my Geeker Joy1 YouTube channel AND comment on this video (not on this blog, although you’re welcome to do that too, but it won’t count towards the giveaway entry).
2) USA only, age 18+

Giveaway ends 5/25/17 11:59 pm EST (New York time). Winner will be chosen randomly and announced in the next video.

**Winner has two weeks to claim prize via contact form:
or an alternate winner will be selected who will also have two weeks to claim prize via contact form.  If neither of the winners claim the prize within two weeks of being notified via either Youtube video announcement or reply to their comment, then the prize will be forfeit and go into an unclaimed prizes box which will be offered in a new giveaway at a later date.

If you would like to order any of the fandom blends reviewed in my video, here are the links:

5. GISHWHES Avengers Initiative Tea –
4. Sailor Moon Tea –
3. Colin Firth Tea –
2. Dammit Tea –
1. Tea With Mr. Tumnus Tea –

Adagio Teas can be found online here:

*The tea samples I reviewed in this video were provided to me by for free, I only paid a very small shipping fee.  The opinions expressed by me in this video regarding the teas and are entirely my own and not influenced in any way by having received the free samples.  The Star Trek Chibi giveaway prize and the $10 giveaway prize are provided by myself.

Redditgifts 2017 Snack Exchange Unboxing Vid & Giveaway! #Lowentry #Giveaway

2 box full of snacks

Recently, I’ve begun getting in touch with my inner geek and have started making YouTube videos about the things I geek out over. It’s been great fun and now I have my own channel!

One of the things that delights my geeky self are online gift-exchanges. 😀 has dozens each year for different themes, and this past month I signed up for two – yarn (which I did not make a video about, sorry! :D) and SNACKS!!!

This time, both my own Santa and the person I was Santa for, were Canadian! Yay! (Btw, if you sign up for an exchange and agree to accept international partners (it’s optional), beware of shipping costs! Shipping can be so pricey that it’ll be more expensive than the gift you’re sending!)

So here’s the unboxing vid I made of the Canadian snacks my Santa sent me, including some snacks, like Smarties and Wine Gummies, I’d only heard of on BBC shows!


At the end of the video, there’s a giveaway for a Star Trek Chibi 3-pack blind bag that is open to folks in the USA/CAN that ends on 4/28, so please enter and good luck!


The Prize!

**Winner has two weeks to claim prize via contact form:
or an alternate winner will be selected who will also have two weeks to claim prize via contact form.  If neither of the winners claim the prize within two weeks of being notified via either Youtube video announcement or reply to their comment, then the prize will be forfeit and go into an unclaimed prizes box which will be offered in a new giveaway at a later date.

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