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Would you pay $100 per cup, just to get “caramel” flavor in your coffee?

I just read the most unbelievable article, and sadly, it’s actually VERY

Basically, as though Starbucks coffee at $5 a pop wasn’t pricey enough, you can (if you’re evil) get “Civet Coffee” for $100 a pop. (or $300 for a pound of beans). But not from Starbucks, nope. You get it from demented, evil people somewhere.


Apparently, someone was strolling through the Indonesian rainforest one day, and noticed a coffee bean on the ground (I’m conjecturing here) and sniffed it, ground it up and brewed it and thought it had pretty decent “caramel” notes to the bouquet or something (I’m not a barista, can you tell?) and went back for more, only to find that the bean had been pooped out of the nether end of a civet – sort of a rainforest mongoose-like creature. Supposedly, the bean “fermented” while going through the critter’s digestive system and came out tasting pretty damn fine at the other end of the “supply chain”.

Logically, (according to SOMEONE’S logic – sure ain’t Mr. Spock’s logic, though) they thought that if only they could capture and cage the civets under horrific, inhumane conditions and full-time force-feed the coffee beans, that are usually only an occasional part of their diet, that they could repeat the “magic” and make money hand over fist from folks with too many dollars and not enough sense (cents – ha-ha? Pun, anyone?)

And I’m wondering, is this some kind of a DIY thing?  Has anyone tried feeding, I dunno, their CAT some coffee beans and seeing if what pops out the other end in any way, shape or form resembles “caramel”?  Honey, that ain’t “caramel”, it’s POOP!!!   Get a pet or baby if you want that stuff and I guarantee that you’ll be up to your ears in it, in no time!

(By the way, just to be perfectly clear, I am in no way, shape or form suggesting that anyone feed their child, pet or any other living being something or too much of something that the living being would not normally be fed for an optimally healthy diet. Doing nasty things like that to living beings is wrong, wrong, wrong, SO wrong! Don’t do it!  I’m also not suggesting that anyone should put anything that’s been in any being’s poop, in their mouth! And I’m also not suggesting that anyone get a pet or baby for the purpose of making them poop out coffee beans or anything else they wouldn’t normally be defecating.  Gawd, why do I even have to put a disclaimer like this? Unfortunately, it’s rather likely that there’ll be at least one idjit out there who’d otherwise take these jokes as wonderful ideas and try to implement it unless they had it pointed out to them that that’s NOT A GOOD THING TO DO. smh)

As for caramel – why the hell is anyone torturing poor little civets to get “caramel” flavor in their coffee?!
Either just make it in your own kitchen with vanilla extract, sugar and water, or buy some cheap at the candy store and stir it into your cup o’ java!

Please people – boycott the hell out of this sh—ty product!

“Caramel”, my ass — oh wait, pardon, “caramel”, the CIVET’S ass!

Oh My Flipping Gerbils!  Now I’m convinced the world’s gone nutters with a vengeance!


“A 2012 investigation by The Guardian newspaper found Indonesian civets held separately in cramped cages. The animals were force-fed a debilitating diet of coffee cherries in conditions described by the Traffic charity as “awful” and “horrific”.[9] There is a campaign under way to encourage “ethical civet coffee”.[10] Evidence suggests that the SARS virus crossed over to humans from Asian palm civets (“civet cats”) which raised concerns over the safety of civet coffee.” – Wikipedia

Why Cloth Diapers & A Giveaway


storkWhen I was a baby back in the late 1960’s, I wore cloth diapers.  My mother used a diaper service which would periodically drop off a bundle of clean diapers and pick up the soiled ones.  If you live in an apartment with shared laundry facilities, it’s not that neighborly to be putting used diapers into the machines, so a service is a good option to have available.

And since I wanted to use cloth diapers for my twins back in 2007, I had to hunt around for a diaper service, much like my mother used, since we were apartment dwellers at the time.  After calling around and trying to find a service that didn’t use toxic detergents to clean the diapers, we found Brian the diaper service guy and his wife who used to run their service in Florida before they moved to another state.  Really nice folks, chock full of new baby advice.

Hyland's Calenula Cream - our fave diaper rash / skin rash creamHyland’s Calendula Cream – my fave diaper/skin rash cream

And we used that service for about a year until the twins were entirely too squirmy and the multitude of steps required to cover a baby butt with an older-style, fussy pre-folded cloth diaper (that the babies LOVED to disarrange) was a bit too much for me so we switched to 7th Generation disposables. (Sometimes you have to pick your battles… 😀  If I were having an individual baby today, where we live now with our own private washing machine, I would go back to cloth diapers and not bother with a service.)

That was 8 years ago, when the options for cloth diapers and covers were pretty…bland.  Nowadays though, cloth diapers are awesome! So many colors to choose from! And they have different configurations, inserts, etc.  Instead of hundreds or thousands of disposables, you just need approx. 30 diapers or so to get your child to potty training age!

That’s a lot less landfill than disposables!

Here’s some more input on the ‘Disposables vs. Cloth Diapers’ debate:

diaperOmg – does this one come with a matching mini-cape?

If you’ve been looking for a chance to either try cloth diapers out for the first time, or to add to your diaper stash, how does winning a $50 gift certificate** sound? Just comment below with any interesting or funny diapering stories, or what you think of cloth diapering vs. disposables ! (and don’t forget to add your email so I can contact you if you win) 😀

I’ll get the ball rolling:  When my mother-in-law came to visit our newborn twins, she was nice enough to pitch in with diaper changing duty. On one memorable occasion, we heard her give a startled shout from the babies’ room during diaper time and she called us over.  Apparently, baby H had gotten a…nugget…stuck, and had given a stronger ‘push’ to it and it had come shooting out of her little butt at ballistic speed until it hit the wall – NINE FEET AWAY! Since then, we were certain that baby H was destined for something interesting! 😀

**RULES:  Just one entry per person, and a winner will be chosen randomly from all who comment.  Entry period ends 10/21/16 at 11:59pm and a winner will be chosen on 10/22/16. Winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hrs to respond before a backup winner will be chosen. This giveaway is a partnership with Nakturnal, with a prize of a $50 gift certificate.  Open to US residents, age 18+.

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