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To Sleep, Perchance to Dream…

At 5 years old, the twins have long since left diapers behind (pun not intended), and are using the potty regularly.  Actually they use the regular toilet, but with a child’s seat on it.

Halle’s ok, as far as nighttime potty trips go. She’s able to wake up, hold it, and get to the potty on time, but Zanna still has a bladder control problem.

About an hour after she falls asleep, we have to rouse her, lead her to the bathroom and prop her up as we coax her to pee.

And a couple of hours after that, we take her there again.

Then-after, she seems to be fine and may get up again in the wee hours of the morning (pun not intended) all by herself.

If we don’t have this kind of intervention, she wets the bed multiple times each night.

Her last drink is usually 2 hours before bedtime, and she even manages to pee before sleeping, but it’s still not enough.

So I’m wondering if I should invest in an alarm for bedwetting, or in homeopathic/herbal bedwetting tablets.

I’m hoping that rousing her before she wets will be enough to train her, but she sleeps so heavily!


‘Twas the night before school…

‘Twas the night before school and all through the house

the kiddies did rampage, ’til mom’s head was ‘ouch!’

She tucked them to bed then – Thing One and Thing Two,

‘Cause upon the morrow she knew what she’d do –

She’d take them to school then – a whole full-day’s worth!

And nothing would stop her! Nothing on Earth!


They’d had a good summer full of frolic and fun,

They’d roasted themselves on the beach in the sun!

They demolished their home in a frenzy of playin’

because that summer had a whole lot of rainin’

and indoors at that time was the best place to be,

flinging toys with abandon and shrieking out “WHEE!!!”


Yes, mommy was looking quite forward to rest,

and for that, we all know, full-day kindergarten’s BEST!!!


For all the mommies and daddies and other caregivers who have just started or are about to start a new school year – YOU MADE IT!!!! Congratulations!!!!

And for all of our dear children – Have a safe and happy school year!!!


Creativity For Kids Craft Kits Review/Giveaway

Recently, I was offered a chance for my twin girls (who just turned 5 in July) to try out some arts and crafts kits made by a company called Creativity For Kids.

Since we’re still in the midst of summer vacation (and I’m starting to struggle for fun and new things to keep the kids occupied (and thus any surviving remnants of my sanity intact), I leapt at the chance with all the ferocity of a mother lion desperate to feed her young (lest they start gnawing on her).

We received the Deluxe Glitter Art Kit

“Add some sparkle, shine and shimmer to all of your craft projects. This deluxe art set includes an array of glitter glue, shaker-top glitter pots, glitter stickers, glitter paper, gift tags, envelopes, greeting cards, craft glue, trinket boxes and more. This is a perfect craft activity for parties, holiday projects and seasonal crafting.”

The twins LOVED this kit! I had to fight them off to get this pic of the insides:

The only thing I had to take away were the shaker-top glitter pots, as the potential for mayhem loomed large with those.  The rest of the items included were no problem for my girls to comport themselves with decorum.

The girls eagerly set to work right away on making some cards for their daddy’s desk at work.

We were pretty impressed with what the girls did with the cards!

And the trinket boxes turned out very lovely as well!

The Tile Art Necklace Kit

“Turn ceramic tiles into amazing art you can wear and share. Decorate eight 1″ square tiles with fun paper designs, ribbon, rhinestones, pearls, and glitter accents. Includes colorful cotton jewelry cords, Jewelry findings, scissors, stencil and 3 gift boxes.”

This is what was inside this kit:

At first I thought this would be great for the girls, as they love to make presents for their friends, but each step of the way required time for glue to dry.

5-year olds are not known for their vast realms of  patience.  I managed to get them through gluing the backs on the tiles and picking out the designs/gems/decorations they wanted on their pendants, but with each glued-on addition (and requisite drying time) I had to scramble harder to find other activities to distract them with.  The recommended age for this craft kit is actually 7+, and I’d have to agree. Probably it’s a nice activity to do when you can relax with a good book and cup of cocoa during drying times.

We finally got to this stage:

and the girls finally gave up.  Halle chose the bird design, Zanna (for reasons she wouldn’t explain) chose the “D”, and I chose my initial: “L”.

We haven’t actually completed this project because the girls are still too frustrated by it, so I’m going to put it in our art supply cabinet for future use.

Moving right along, the next kit we tried was the Mossy Meadows Gnome Garden Kit

“Everything you need to create an enchanting home for 3 wee gnomes. This all-inclusive garden craft kit includes a garden dish, potting mix, wheat grass seeds, bark house, leaf-shaped pond, mossy rocks, stepping stones, resin gnomes, toadstools, ladybugs, paint, brush and a mister – just add water and a little sunshine.”

Since the girls are head-over-heels in love with making Fairy Houses, this seemed like and actually turned out to be a home-run hit!

They never got bored with it and had a great time painting and arranging the objects for the garden, and then sprinkling & pressing down the wheatgrass seeds (possible allergen for some?) and misting the garden.

The only things I had to be aware of (since the girls are kind of young) was that the original paints that came with the kit would dry permanently – so I substituted washable non-permanent paints (just had to be careful when watering the garden or the paint would run), and the mister bottle to water the garden is a little hard for small hands to handle.  The girls gave it a good try though, but finally asked me to help them out with that part.

And after a week, the garden had grass! The girls were very happy about this and have let the garden sit on our living room table unmolested – this is a pretty rare thing and a testament to how much they loved this kit!


So overall the girls had a great time with these kits, and they certainly staved off the incessant whines of “Mooooom! I’m BORED! Can we do something NEW?”

And what’s even better is that Creativity For Kids and MomSelect have offered me the chance to host a giveaway for a Craft Kit Gift Pack that one of my readers at can win!

It includes:

Beach Buddies Shell Craft Kit (ARV $17.99)


Deluxe Glitter Art Kit (ARV $29.99)

Just enter with the rafflecopter form below 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**Disclaimer:  I received the free products mentioned in the review as part of a promotional program with MomSelect. All opinions are my own.

Kindergarten Twins – Same Class or Split ’em up?

On the last day of school this year, Zanna’s teacher Mrs. K announced that she’d be moving up from teaching Pre-K to Kindergarten, and that the entire class would move with her!

This means that Zanna will have an extra year with the same teacher, classmates, learning style, etc.

Halle’s teacher Mrs. G, however, will be remaining in Pre-K.

This means that come autumn, Halle will have a new teacher and classmates, etc. to get used to.

And Kindergarten is full-day here.

I wondered if it might be a good idea to have Halle in with Zanna for the new school year.  Mrs. K seemed to be more aggressive academically than Mrs. G had been (although Mrs. G had the patience of a saint when it came to Halle’s need to explore her individuality vs. whatever the class was doing), and then the twins would have each other for support.

But then a few points were raised during family discussion on the issue.  Not only were there concerns of the twins reverting back to their co-dependancy that had us splitting them up in school in the first place, but also the fact that Zanna already had established relationships with her classmates – “her” friends.  We had strong concerns that Halle would feel like a fifth wheel with all of the other kids in the class, and it would hinder her in forming her own bonds with the other children.

So at last we decided that we’ll keep the twins in separate classes a while longer.  I had a chat with Mrs. K and she assured me that in Kindergarten all the teachers are pretty much on the same page academically, and that needn’t be a concern for us, although she’d gladly welcome Halle if I insisted.

So now I’ve got Zanna, who’s all excited to be going back to school with all her friends, and Halle, who’s expressed some trepidation that she’ll be having a new teacher, new classmates, a new FULL-day schedule.

I’ve tried playing up the positive points: she might have some of her old classmates with her, and she’ll get to eat lunch with the other children every day!  But she’s not sold on the idea.

So we’ll just have to be extra supportive of her during this time of transition, while also juggling Zanna’s emotional needs, so the balance between the two doesn’t get out of whack.  We try so hard to fulfill both of their different needs without any rivalry or jealousy springing up, or claims of favoritism.  It’s not easy, but so far they get along together pretty well, so I guess we haven’t warped them beyond repair yet.

With any luck we’ll manage to keep both of them from needing any therapy in the future! 🙂

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