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All The Home’s A Stage…(sorry Shakespeare, couldn’t resist! :D )

Let’s talk about home staging!  Home staging is something you might already be familiar with if you’ve ever gone house hunting or looked for a new apartment.  You can really tell the difference if the seller or rental agent has invested any time and effort in making your prospective new home feel like such from the very moment you pull up at the curb outside.

Whether it was a few simple things such as making sure the landscaping was clean and tidy, to actually setting up a lovely display of furniture, or even seemingly small details such as a small basket of new molded soaps in the bathroom, from the first time you laid eyes (and nose!) on the place, you were already dreaming of your happy new life there and visualizing where your belongings will be placed.

With a great many folks looking to move states for a great many reasons, or even looking to move abroad depending upon which way the political winds blow this November 😀 , a lot of homes will be going on the market, with their owners hoping to get them sold and done with in record time.  Home staging will be an important part of that process.

But home staging is useful for more than just selling a property, many of the tips in the infographic below** can also be applied to your rented home if you’re looking for someone to sub-let so you can get out of a lease early, if you’re planning to host your boss or that influential neighbor for dinner, or even if it’s your turn to host the fundraising committee for the PTA and you’d rather not have them come away with the impression that you’re maybe only a degree or two above actual slovenliness.  Occasionally in-laws might pay a visit and it’d be nice to get through the experience without them making snide remarks about your home resembling a Comic-Con refugee camp.

If the latter description resembles you in any way, believe me I sympathize! (Star Trek rules!) Getting your home muggle-ready may seem a gargantuan task when your idea of decorating is a ton of bookcases and your favorite fandom posters, with your well-loved sci-fi tchotchkes hodge-podge all over the place collecting dust.  However, going step-by-step through the infographic below can cut down on the overwhelming and before you know it, your home will look like one of those well-put-together spreads you’ve secretly admired from real estate open houses and home & garden magazines.

An additional tip: a couple hours before company comes over, pop an apple pie or two in the oven (even a frozen one, if you’re short on baking skills).  The smell of fresh apple pie can put someone at ease and make them feel welcome! (Unless they’re allergic to apples, in which case you might want to swap for an alternate baked goodie.)

The occasions when I’ve done some home staging (to impress my kids’ well-off playdates’ moms) were immensely gratifying when my husband would walk through the door after work and do an actual double-take in amazement at how nice everything looked! 😀


**Infographic supplied by Moms With Voices Media. This was a sponsored post.  The opinions expressed herein were entirely my own and were not influenced in any way by the sponsor or the small fee I received in compensation for writing it.

Lavender Wow! Review of New York Biology 100% Pure & Natural Lavender Essential Oil

I love lavender. I love the smell, I love the taste!

I also love the wonderful and beautiful lavender-scented and flavored gifts I see for sale at practically any worthwhile boutique.  The price of those wonderful gifts (I would love to spoil myself with) is not as lovely, however. 😀

Then it occurred to me…maybe I could make some of those pretty things myself! (for myself…and, uh…gifts for others, I suppose ) 😀

So a little bit of Google-fu later and I’ve got a trove of free recipes to try out!

(Note: although some recipes add Baking Soda or Baking Powder, some folks have reported that unless the mixture is COMPLETELY dry, it will tend to explode, glass jar and all. So I didn’t add any of that to my recipe.)

Who doesn’t love a good soak in the tub (minus the shrieks of children) with a lovely dash of Lavender Bath Salts?

Thanks to the kind sponsorship of Tomoson and New York Biology, I was offered a sample of Lavender Essential Oil that I used for this review*.0I just needed epsom salts, sea salt, food coloring and a small decorative jar (you can buy the kind of jar I used at a good craft store), and of course, the Lavender Essential Oil, which you can buy HERE for a very affordable price.

It was so easy to make, and within mere moments of opening the bottle and adding just a few small drops of the lavender oil, my kitchen smelled like a lovely lavender sachet!  I can’t wait to try out my new pretty bottle of lavender bath salts!

I used 1/8 cup Epsom Salt and 1/16 cup Sea Salt, 3 drops Lavender Essential Oil, Several drops of red and blue food coloring, and mixed it well. Then I spooned it into the jar and applied a cute little label with a gluestick! That’s all there is to it!

12 3 4 5 6

It smelled so good!  I’m thinking about also mixing this with some coconut oil (as a carrier oil, because you should never use essential oils undiluted on your skin!) as a lovely lotion for the inevitable winter-roughened skin every winter!

Unlike some other Lavender Essential Oil brands I’ve used in the past, New York Biology’s Lavender Essential Oil’s scent lingered for quite awhile, which I was very pleased about. Other oils I’ve tried in the past dissipated too soon, but this was not the case with this oil. 😀
New York Biology – 100% Pure & Natural Lavender Essential Oil
About the Product
  • 100% PURE, NATURAL, & AUTHENTIC Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil steam distilled without any fillers or additives.
  • OUR KASHMIR LAVENDER OIL contains Linalool 31%, Linalyl Acetate 34%. We proudly showcase the constituents & purity of our oil on the front of the bottle.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY GRADE & PREMIUM QUALITY originating from India and Bottled in the USA
  • LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL is frequently used in various forms including aromatherapy oil, gels, infusion, lotion, and soaps. It induces calmness and relaxation. This makes it the most popular essential oil on the market.




*I was offered a sample of the product for the purpose of my honest review by Tomoson and New York Biology. No other compensation was received.  My review was my own honest experience and opinion of the product and was not influenced in any way by the sponsors.


Greenfolk of the Forest Dreams


Had a dream a few nights ago, (the night before we moved to our new apartment which has a nice little forest out back).

The green man image (the kind people put in their gardens and on doors) appeared to me, he was a dark forest green. I felt he was trying to communicate to me that I didn’t need to worry about one of my daughters’ future (she has frustration and anger issues, she’s only 9), that he had an eye on her and would try to help take care of her and he was trying to reassure me that by the time she reached adulthood, she would be just fine. I felt relieved. Then I woke up.

Forests represent safe haven to me, and I feel great longing to be in or near them. Occasionally, over the years I’ve had a number of dreams of forest folk appearing to me and offering advice and comfort, even when I was a child.

Trees, Glorious Trees!

yoga treeCan you see the hidden image?
(Find the center)

My friend took this picture of the trees in our new backyard.

We’ve just finished moving and so far most everything is pretty great about the new place – except having to unpack everything we schlepped over here from the old place 😀

It’s been a bit of a juggling act, trying to get ready for the move, helping the kids with their summer homeschool assignments (to make up for the deficits in the regular school year – I think we’re getting closer to making the decision to eschew public school altogether.) and trying to give the kids and my visiting friend a fun-filled summer vacation. Whew! Mama is VERY tired!

I’ve fallen away from my regular meditation and chakra-clearing – hard to do when literally every 2 seconds I get interrupted by a little voice needing help to find something or the current livestock/range war we’ve got happening on the Minecraft frontier.

I’ve also fallen behind on the latest intel on the Shift and the upcoming Event. There are about 50 tabs open with various transcripts, reports, channelings, messages and articles, that I just even get a glimpse of and my head reels.

Honestly, all I want at this point is a good, long, uninterrupted NAP!!!

I feel like I’m doing quite a dismal job as a Lightworker, even though I’m trying like mad to release any and every negative form of energy that comes my way.  It seems as though in both the physical and the metaphysical, I’m spinning my wheels, expending a lot of energy but not seeming to be making much progress in the way of actually accomplishing something – like, getting confirmation/closure that something was accomplished.

The Event is drawing ever closer, the jump to 5D is nearly upon us and I sure don’t want myself or my family to get left behind, but…NAP!!!  So tired! So frazzled!  Where is the time when I can be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and able to work on my creative writing and art which is what my soul resonates with most? Isn’t this what I’m supposed to be doing to help spread the Light and embody the purpose that I incarnated for at this time?

School can’t begin soon enough!  Maybe once the little voices are occupied with something other than ‘Let’s pester Mama for…oh, never mind Mama, I found it! Mama – she STOLE my skeleton pig!!!’ (don’t ask, trust me, don’t even ask)…wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, maybe without the constant interruptions I can do more with the 4/5D and not be so enmeshed with the 3D.

Literally NONE of the multitude of articles, etc, mention anything about provisions being made for frantic, frazzled, overwhelmed and overworked mamas trying to do their best to do SOMETHING to aid the cause.  Nope, it’s all peace, love, zen and detatch from 3D and rest if you need to, to intergrate downloads/upgrades.

(*SNORT*) Yeah, right, uh-huh. (*SNICKER*) Sure, rest if I need it – yep, I’ll get right on that! (*LOL!!!*) Or maybe the yoga tree in our new backyard will have to stand-in and do it for me, I’ve got two kids in the kitchen about to do nefarious things with ripe peaches. (*shudder*).



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